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Monster Arena > Calm Lands > Malboro

HP: 27,000

The most difficult aspect of battling a Malboro is its use of “Bad Breath”. This attack will render your party nearly useless unless they are protected with certain auto-abilities. Equip armor that can protect against Silence, Darkness, Slow, Poison, Confusion and/or Berserk. It likely won’t be possible for you to protect against all of these when you first arrive in the Calm Lands, but stack up as many as you can.

Kimahri can use Lancet on a Malboro to learn Bad Breath for his Ronso Rage Overdrive.

Descriptions (In-Game)

Ability Description
Sensor “Watch out for its Bad Breath attack, which causes multiple status ailments.”
Scan “Its Bad Breath inflicts multiple status effects on all characters. Guard against the status effects with armor, and attack with fire. Kimahri can learn Bad Breath.”


Mana Sphere


Can be found in most places around the Calm Lands, but are most abundant in the northwest portion of the map and the areas near where Belgemine is standing. Malboros have a very low encounter rate so be patient and keep trying.