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Coeurls are very easy to defeat but they are resistant to magical attacks. Have your physical attackers focus on taking them down quickly. They gain access to more powerful attacks (“Drain” and “Blaster”) when their HP gets lower so make sure to defeat them with as few hits as possible.

It’s “Blaster” attack may also cause petrification. Make sure to have a Soft in your inventory in case your party members are petrified.

Descriptions (In-Game)

Ability Description
Sensor “Casts Drain and Blaster when low on HP.”
Scan “High magic attack and defence. Casts Thundara and Blizzara. Also casts Drain when HP is low. Beware of Blaster, since it’s unblockable and causes petrification.”

Mana Spring

Mana Sphere (common)
Mana Sphere (x2) (rare)


Can be found anywhere in the Calm Lands, but they are most abundant on the western side of the map according to some players.