Locations Icicle Inn

The Icicle Inn is located on the northern continent to the north of Bone Village and to the south of the Northern Crater. The town is an area that you just pass through on your way to the next area.

Icicle Inn on the World Map

The story of the game takes you through to the Icicle Inn after you have passed through the Forgotten Capital at the start of Disc 2. Leaving the area involves snowboarding down a hill into an area that eventually leads you to the Great Glacier. Check out the Icicle Inn walkthrough page for more information.

Icicle Inn main screen

There are a number of items that you can obtain around the Icicle Inn including:

Hero Drink
Turbo Ether

You can purchase the following items at the Weapon Shop:

12,000 gil
10,000 gil
12,000 gil
11,000 gil
12,000 gil
11,000 gil
13,000 gil
12,000 gil
500 gil
300 gil

The map below shows the location of the Icicle Inn on the World Map:

Icicle Inn Location