Locations Bone Village

Bone Village is a tiny little location on the northernmost continent. Rather than being a village in the true sense, Bone Village is mostly just a large dig site where archaeologists are excavating for various pieces of treasure and artifacts.

Bone Village on the World Map

The story takes you to Bone Village after the completion of the events at the Temple of the Ancients and just before the team arrives at the Forgotten Capital. The objective is for you to dig up the Lunar Harp so that you can proceed through the Sleeping Forest.

Entrance to Bone Village

More information can be found on the Bone Village walkthrough page.

Some of the items that you can dig up in Bone Village are listed below. Note that if you missed some of the items as you were going through the game you can pick them up here:

- Lunar Harp (Only Once)
- Key to Sector 5 (Only Once)
Turbo Ethers
Phoenix Materia
W-Item Materia
Bahamut ZERO Materia

There is also a shop that contains a number of items including:

3,200 gil
3,700 gil
50 gil
300 gil
1,500 gil
300 gil
80 gil
50 gil
50 gil
World Map Location of Bone Village