Forgotten Capital
Disc 2 Walkthrough

This section of the guide is for the second part of the Forgotten Capital beginning on Disc 2. If you have just traveled to the Forgotten Capital or are still on Disc 1 click on the link to return to the section of the strategy guide pertaining to the Forgotten Capital on Disc 1.

Cloud laying Aeris in the water
Aeris fading into the distance

Exit the house and proceed left. The team will discuss which way to go at the fork in the road. Follow Sephiroth to the northeast.

Remember to de-equip the Water Ring if you had a character wearing it.

Before proceeding up the stairs go to the left around them and grab the treasure chest at the bottom-right side of the screen. It contains a Viper Halberd weapon for Cid.

Obtaining the Viper Halberd

Travel up the stairs into the shell. Once you reach the top of the shell Cloud will automatically exit out on to the outside structure of the shell. Follow it around and take the pathway leading into the cave on the left side.

Cloud in the Corral Valley

Corel Valley Cave

Cloud can scale the walls of this cave by climbing up the two large cracks leading upward. Climb up the crack on the left side and choose to jump off to the left once you reach the top.

Corral Valley Cave

Climb up the crack to the left of this one and follow it all the way up. When you reach the first ledge you will have to jump off either to the left or right, but then jump back into it and choose to continue going up until you reach the treasure chest. It contains a Bolt Armlet.

Picking up the Bolt Armlet

Go back down to the platform below the treasure chest and walk along the ledge to the right side of the screen. Choose to go down and grab the treasure chest below which contains a HypnoCrown.

HypnoCrown in the Corral Valley Cave

The HypnoCrown increases your odds of successfully Manipulating an enemy using Manipulate Materia making it a very situationally beneficial accessory.

Climb all the way to the top of the crack and grab the treasure chest on the right side to pick up a Megalixir. Jump onto the ledge to the left and then jump into the crack on the left side. Climb it up to the highest ledge and proceed left over to the ladder.

Megalixir in the Corral Valley Cave

Jump on the ladder but choose to go down. At the very bottom of the ladder is a Magic Plus Materia sitting on the ground. Magic Plus Materia is a great way for you to boost the power of one of your character’s spells.

Magic Plus Materia

Finally, take the ladder all the way to the top and exit the cliff area using the cave on the right side of the screen.

The exit of the Corral Valley Cave

There is a treasure chest on the right side of the screen that contains a Power Source.

Exit the cave to the north to find yourself back on the World Map. As per Sephiroth’s instructions, your next goal is to try and meet him by traveling to the Icicle Inn and then to the north from there.

Map of the route between the Forgotten City and the Icicle Inn

Use the map above to help you reach the Icicle Inn. It is essentially just to the west of the cave exit but you have to take the long way around heading past couple of mountains.

Exit of the Corral Valley Cave on the World Map
Icicle Area on the World Map

Proceed to the next section of the guide once you reach the Icicle Inn.