This page is another interlude section between when the party visits the Viera homeworld of Eruyt Village and before the party heads to the Henne Mines. The sections of the game listed on this page are entirely optional and you can skip straight through to the Henne Mines page if preferred.


The first thing that you can do is travel back to the village of Jahara to the south of the Ozmone Plain. Return to the Lull of the Land area and look for a Judge Hausen standing next to one of the Garif. Judge Hausen will mention that he wishes he could accompany Lord Larsa to Mt Bur-Omisace and offers you some items to assist you in his absence, specifically 3 Hi-Potions and an Ether.

Obtaining 3 Hi-Potions and an Ether from Judge Hausen in Jahara

There are also a few new items which have been added to the inventory of the Garif Trader. New items have been denoted with an asterisk below:

Main Gauche
Battle Bamboo
Elfin Bow
Serpent Rod
Heavy Lance
Musk Stick
Gilt Measure
Flame Staff
Storm Staff
Glacial Staff
Loxley Bow*
War Hammer*
Healing Rod*
Soldier’s Cap
Heavy Coat
Lambent Hat
Chanter’s Djellaba
Winged Helm
Green Beret
Survival Vest
Feathered Cap
Traveler’s Vestment
Golden Helm
Golden Armor
Golden Shield
Red Cap
Mage’s Hat*
Mage’s Habit*
Shielded Armor*
Ice Shield*
Onion Arrows
Onion Bolts
Onion Shots
Onion Bombs
Eye Drops
Phoenix Down
Echo Herbs
Gold Needle
Alarm Clock
Bacchus’s Wine
Smelling Salts
Gil Toss

Make sure that you purchase some Shielded Armor in preparation for an upcoming side quest (Earth Tyrant).

Now that you have access to the Decoy spell and can setup a proper party with a tank, you should have no trouble taking down one of the more difficult marks. Having Larsa in your party (extra damage and free Hi-Potions) is a nice benefit as well.

Return to Montblanc at the Clan Hall in Rabanastre to obtain a few new rewards. You should now have achieved a rank of Headhunter (2 Ethers, 2 Teleport Stones) and then a Ward of Justice (2 X-Potions, 2 Teleport Stones). You can now pick up another Elite Mark to track down Orthros (Hunt 35: Crime and Punishment) which is fairly difficult to attempt at this point in the game.

You can speak to the petitioner though. The petitioner for Hunt 35 is the Contrite Thief located in the northern section of Lowtown.

Map showing where to find the Contrite Thief in Lowtown
Vaan speaking to the Contrite Thief in the North Sprawl

There is one more mini side quest that you can complete before continuing with the next part of the story.

This is everything you can and should do before continuing with the game. It is now time to make your way to the Henne Magicite Mines.