The Henne Mines

Return to the Ozmone Plain and back to the Sunlit Path area just outside of the Golmore Jungle. Speak to the Imperial Soldier to the south. He will ask you for a Potion for his friend who is badly wounded. Offer to give him the Potion and he will lend you the use of his Chocobo. Talk to him again to mount and borrow the Chocobo. Exit the zone to the west.

Speaking to the injured Imperial Soldier and handing him a Potion
Imperial Soldier offering up the use of the Chocobo

Ozmone Plain - Field of Light Winds

Immediately to your left (to the south) is a grassy area with a Chocobo standing nearby. You can walk through the tall grass in this area while mounted on a Chocobo. Follow the pathway to the south and into the next area.

Riding a Chocobo through the Field of Light Winds in the Ozmone Plain
Entrance into the Shred area leading to the Henne Mines

Ozmone Plain - The Shred

The entrance to the mines is located to the southeast. Approach the area and another short cutscene will take place. Larsa will explain that the fallen are researchers from the Draklor Laboratory. Dismount from the Chocobo using the [Square Button] and enter the mine.

Entrance to the Henne Mines
Larsa and Balthier discussing the Draklor Laboratory outside the Henne Mines

The Henne Mines - North Entrance

Enemies: Jelly, Nightmare, Redmaw, Seeker, Thunderbug, Tyranorox

Make your way to the east once you enter the Henne Mines. Go down the stairs and onto the tracks and keep an eye out on the left side for a pillar with a blue Gate Switchboard on it. Examine the Switchboard and choose to “Press the Switch”.

These Gate Switchboards are used to open and close the doors throughout the Mines – the color of the Switchboard phosphor corresponds with the gates currently closed. In other words, if the switch is blue, the blue gates will be closed. Continue south into the next area.

The team at the entrance to the Henne Mines - North
Activating the Gate Switchboard in the Henne Mines

Pithead Junction A

Walk forward up into the next room and flip the red switch next to the Wounded Imperial. A large group of Jelly enemies will fall from the roof but you can run away from them if you are quick. Take the pathway to the left of the switch that opens up to the east.

Phase 1 Shaft

Follow the pathway east and then south around the corner. At the end of the pathway you will find a green Urn which contains the map of the Henne Mines. Travel back to the room with the switch and the Wounded Imperial.

Activating the Gate Switchboard in Phase 1 Shaft
The urn to find the map for the Henne Mines

Pithead Junction A

This time you will have to defeat all of the Jelly enemies that fell from the ceiling. Jellies are weak to fire-based Magick so switch to Fire/Fira if you are having trouble defeating them. Flip the switch again (which is now blue) and take the west exit away from the Junction. No more Jelly enemies will drop this time.

Phase 1 Shaft

Follow the pathway west as it curves around to the south. Take the exit on the right side (west) of the screen.

Defeating the Jelly enemies in Phase Shaft 1
Continuing through the Henne Mines

Phase 1 Dig

Use the map to help you navigate through this area. Follow the pathway around the tunnels and through to the east. There is no harm in defeating all of the enemies in this area in order to level up your party.

Crossover A

This is the first time you will encounter Tyranorox enemies (that look like large T-Rexes). They are very easy to outrun but they are not too difficult to defeat so you shouldn’t have to flee from them. They are weak to wind-based Magick like the Aero spell. Travel north from the entrance to this area. The pathway to the right (east) is blocked off by a gate, so take the north pathway following the tracks.

Attacking Nightmares in the Crossover A section
Traveling through Crossover A

Crossover B

The two treasure chests to the south in this area are actually Thunderbug enemies in disguise. They are not difficult to defeat. Follow the path to the east and then to the south to reach Pithead Junction B.

Pithead Junction B

Once you pull the red Gate Switchboard you will be ambushed by a ton of Jelly enemies so be prepared for a lengthy fight and be prepared to flee out the west exit in case the fight gets ugly (as in, if party members start dying). Take the exit to the west after they are defeated back into Crossover A.

Activating the Gateswitch in Pithead Junction B
Battling against the Jelly enemies that drop from the roof

Crossover A

Travel through this area heading northward again back into Crossover B.

Crossover B

There are a few new gates blocking your path that have been activated. Travel around taking the southern pathway past the Thunderbugs and then northward through the newly opened gate.

Staging Shaft

Save your game at the orange Save Crystal. There is a boss fight in the room to the north, but you should consider taking this opportunity to do some grinding and power levelling as this is one of the last sections of the game where this tactic is truly effective and impactful.

The team discussing Mjrn in the Staging Shaft during a cinematic
Activating the orange Save Crystal in the Staging Shaft

The Pithead Junction B room, where all of the Jelly enemies dropped from the ceiling, is a great place to grind levels, build enemy chains and get a ton of great loot. By moving two screens/zones away, which can be done by travelling through Crossover A and Crossover B and then returning, you can reset the switch and another collection of Jellies will drop.

These Jelly enemies can be chained together very easily. The phials of Yellow Liquid items that they drop sell for 531 gil each and the more Jellies you chain together the more often they drop Yellow Liquid. It is very easy to stack up 99 of these items to take back and sell. Just teleport back to Rabanastre when you have stacked up 99 of them and sell them to any of the shop owners. Check out the Power Leveling / Grinding page for more information.

Note: You can purchase more Teleport Stones from the Clan Provisioner in the Muthru Bazaar area.

Make sure that your party is prepared with proper Gambits before initiating the Gate Switchboard to drop the Jellies. Have a tank set up to take most of the hits (check out the Party Setup page in the Tips and Tricks section for more information). Here is a video demonstration:

Take the pathway to the north out of the Staging Area once you are done with the Jellies.

Ore Separation

There is a short cutscene as the group enters the next room and you will immediately be thrown into battle against a large dragon named Tiamat.

Boss Battle: Tiamat

Level: 25
HP: 49,993
Steal: Hi-Potion (55%), Ring Wyrm Scale (10%), Leo Gem (3%)

Start off by equipping your party members with the Black Belt accessory if you have them and if you have the Licenses to use them. Tiamat will cast Disablega from time-to-time, preventing them from taking any action (all they can do is move around), which can be cured by Esuna as a last resort, but is much easier dealt with by equipping a few Black Belts. It can also inflict the Sap status effect which can be cured with an Esuna.

Cinematic opening of the boss, Tiamat, in the Ore Separation area of the Henne Mines

Tiamat has a number of heavy attacks. Make sure to rely heavily on having an effective tank with Decoy cast at all times and one character focused on healing spells. You should also ensure that Protect (and Shell, but to a lesser extent) stay active on that character for the duration of the battle.

Tiamat from behind during the opening cinematic
Battle against Tiamat in the Henne Mines

Tiamat’s defensive stat will be boosted once it reaches critical HP so be prepared for the fight to take longer than expected.

There are a few more cutscenes that follow once Tiamat is defeated. Mjrn will appear with some Manufactured Nethicite and will appear to have been possessed by it. The group will return to Eruyt Village and receive an item called “Lente’s Tear” which will allow them to pass through the woods of the Golmore Jungle (through the magical barriers).

Mjrn and Fran speaking after being rescued
A Viera giving Vaan the Lente's Tear which will allow passage through the Golmore Jungle

Eruyt Village

There is nothing more to do once you arrive back at the village but speak to Tetran one more time before you go. There are few new Magick spells at his shop (denoted below with an asterisk):

Eye Drops
Phoenix Down
Echo Herbs
Gold Needle
Alarm Clock
Bacchus’s Wine
Smelling Salts

Make sure that you purchase Golden Amulets and make use of them when you can on all of your party members as they double the amount of License Points they receive. The only time you should not be using them at this point is if you need a different accessory for an upcoming boss battle. And make sure to purchase all of the new spells, especially Haste.

Mjrn during the ending cinematic in Eruyt Village

There are a few more side quests that you can do after you receive Lente’s Tear which are detailed on the next page. Use the orange Save Crystal to warp back to Rabanastre.