Eruyt Village

Road of the Verdant Praise

Fran will not say much as you enter the homeland of the Viera other than requesting that you seek out someone named Mjrn. Two Moogles that you may recognize from the Dreadnought Leviathan can be seen following your team into the woods – speak to Tetran again to gain access to his shop. It contains a few more items this time:

The new items are denoted with an asterisks. Make sure that you purchase the new Magick spell, Decoy, but note that in the Zodiac Age version of the game it must be purchased from the Clan Provisioner in Rabanastre. This new spell can be used to cause enemies to target one specific party member. It is an extremely useful spell that can allow you to utilize true party mechanics and set yourself up with a tank, healer, damage dealer, etc. Check out the party setup section for more information.

Entrance cinematic as the team arrives at Eruyt Village for the first time
Vaan standing at the entrance to Eruyt Village on the Road of Verdant Praise next to Tetran

You should also purchase some Black Belt accessories and make sure that your party members have enough License Points to equip them for a boss battle that will be coming up.

This is a good time to remind you that you should be taking the opportunity to purchase the Forgotten Grimoires if you have enough gil for them. It is easily possible to purchase all of the Forgotten Grimoires at this point (though you should avoid the 25,000 gil one as it is fairly useless). It isn’t a huge detriment if you cannot afford them yet, but make sure that you start saving and start grinding as these items are very important to ensuring that you get access to good loot (such as items and come back with tons of quality loot to sell for gil).

Save your game at the Save Crystal and then travel down the pathway and into the next area when you are ready to continue.

The Spiritwood

Work your way around the tree and continue following the pathway. You can try speaking to the Viera but many of them are cold and unwilling to talk to Humes.

Vaan standing at the entrance to the Spiritwood area
Traveling past the open area filled with Vieras on the way to the top of Eruyt Village

Fane of the Path

Continue to the northeast until you reach the tree at the end of the pathway. Another cutscene will be initiated between Vaan and a Viera named Jote at the top of the tree. Fran will join the group suggesting that Mjrn is no longer in the village. Jote will speak with the woods to find out that Mjrn ventured out of the woods heading west (the way you came) with men in “clothes of cold iron” (Imperials).

Discussion with Jote about Fran's missing sister, Mjrn
Mjrn asking the team to leave

In the Zodiac Age version of the game, turn around and return to the Fane of the Path area and search for a treasure chest that contains the Haste Magick spell.

Return to the entrance of Eruyt Village. Another quick cutscene takes place as you approach the exit of the village. Larsa will suggest that they travel to the Henne Magicite Mines and then Vaan will make an inappropriate comment about Fran’s age. Take one last opportunity to save your game at the Save Crystal before you leave the area.

Cinematic of the team leaving Eruyt Village

There are a number of optional things that you can do before travelling to the Henne Mines which are listed on the next page. You can skip directly through to the Henne Mines page though if preferred. If not, click the link below to head to the next page (Interlude).