Yuffie Kisaragi
Secret Character

You have a chance of running into Yuffie on the world map whenever you are passing through a forested area. The earliest point in the game that you can obtain Yuffie is after you have exited the Mythril Mine and are on your way to Junon (marked as the “Junon Area” on the menu screen).

Note that the forests near Junon have a very low chance of having Yuffie appear (12.5%). This chance of her appearing improves as you reach other forests later on in the game, but be prepared to have to go through a number of battles to make her appear in the Junon Area.

Battle against Yuffie

Yuffie will engage you in combat when you run in to her and defeating her is not too hard. It is a standard battle with no real strategy required, but there are some specific choices that you have to make during the dialogue sequence after the battle to convince Yuffie to join your team. Otherwise, she will flee the area and steal some of your gil while she’s at it!

After the battle against Yuffie

Talk to her and answer her questions as follows:

Yuffie: “You spikey-headed jerk! One more time, let’s go one more time!”

Not interested

You spikey-headed jerk! One more time, let’s go one more time!

Yuffie: “You’re pretty scared of me, huh?”


You’re pretty scared of me, huh!?

Yuffie: “I’m really gonna leave! Really!”

Wait a second!

I’m really gonna leave! REALLY!

Yuffie: “You want me to go with you?”

That’s right.

You want me to go with you?

Yuffie: “All right! I’ll go with you!”

Let’s hurry.

All right! I’ll go with you!

Yuffie will scream that you don’t even know her name as you leave her behind. You’ll be given the opportunity to name Yuffie and she will now be added to your party.

Yuffie Naming Screen

This sequence has an impact on the Gold Saucer Date that occurs later on in the game as detailed in the notes below.

Best Bromance

Dialogue that occurs when you first meet Yuffie will influence the Gold Saucer Date side quest and obtaining the Best Bromance Trophy.

Answering Yuffie’s questions will result in the following adjustments to Yuffie’s score:

“All right” No Change
“Not interested” + 2 to Yuffie
“Petrified…” + 2 to Yuffie
“You’re gonna lose again” No change
“Go ahead” No change
“Wait a second!” + 2 to Yuffie
“That’s right” + 2 to Yuffie
“Wait a second!” No change
“What’s your name?” No change
“Let’s hurry” + 2 to Yuffie

You can and should obtain Yuffie even if you plan to obtain the Best Bromance trophy as Yuffie’s score should not impact the final result of the date scene at Gold Saucer.

Yuffie has high Dexterity and high Luck, but very low Spirit, which means she’s not strong with magic, but she can be fairly effective when it comes to stealing and mugging enemies using Steal Materia and she has the advantage of a long-ranged weapon.

You can place her in the back row and she will take less damage while her damage output will be unaffected. Check out the Tips and Tricks section for more information about front and back row mechanics.

Shuriken Join Us

You will automatically obtain the Shuriken Join Us Trophy once Yuffie joins your party at the end of the battle and the dialogue listed above.

Shuriken Join Us Trophy Icon