Full List of Materia

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Added Cut Materia
Added Effect Materia
Alexander Materia
All Materia
Bahamut Materia
Bahamut ZERO Materia
Barrier Materia
Choco/Mog Materia
Chocobo Lure Materia
Comet Materia
Contain Materia
Counter Materia
Counter Attack Materia
Cover Materia
Deathblow Materia
Destruct Materia
Double Cut Materia
Earth Materia
Elemental Materia
Enemy Away Materia
Enemy Lure Materia
Enemy Skill Materia
Exit Materia
Experience Plus Materia
Final Attack Materia
Fire Materia
Full Cure Materia
Gil Plus Materia
Gravity Materia
Hades Materia
Heal Materia
HP <-> MP Materia
HP Absorb Materia
HP Plus Materia
Ice Materia
Ifrit Materia
Kjata Materia
Knights of the Round Materia
Leviathan Materia
Lightning Materia
Long Range Materia
Luck Plus Materia
Magic Counter Materia
Magic Plus Materia
Manipulate Materia
Master Command Materia
Master Magic Materia
Master Summon Materia
Mega All Materia
Mime Materia
Morph Materia
MP Absorb Materia
MP Plus Materia
MP Turbo Materia
Mystify Materia
Neo Bahamut Materia
Odin Materia
Phoenix Materia
Poison Materia
Pre-Emptive Materia
Quadra Magic Materia
Ramuh Materia
Restore Materia
Revive Materia
Seal Materia
Sense Materia
Shield Materia
Shiva Materia
Slash All Materia
Sneak Attack Materia
Speed Plus Materia
Steal Materia
Steal as Well Materia
Throw Materia
Time Materia
Titan Materia
Transform Materia
Typoon Materia
Ultima Materia
Underwater Materia
W-Item Materia
W-Magic Materia
W-Summon Materia