Locations Midgar

Midgar is the sprawling Metropolis where the game’s story begins. It is located in the northern section of the eastern continent.

Midgar on the World Map
Midgar streets

The city of Midgar itself is divided in to eight sectors. You can’t visit each of these sectors but you do have to visit a number of them during a playthrough. Click on the links below to check out those sections:

Midgar - Sector 1
Midgar - Sector 5
Midgar - Sector 6
Midgar - Sector 7
Midgar - Sector 8

Most of the game’s story that takes place in Midgar is at the beginning of the game. It includes the following sections of the game:

The Train Station
Sector 5 Slums
Wall Market
The Sewer and Train Graveyard
Sector 6
The Shinra Building

After you have completed the Shinra Building section of the game your team will leave Midgar and head out into the rest of the world. You will return though in Disc 2 in order to track down and defeat Dr. Hojo. Check out the second Midgar walkthrough page for additional information.

There are shops in each of the Sectors listed above. Consult those sections for additional details. Also note that you can return to Midgar after the two visits that are part of the regular story. Check out the Key to Sector 5 side quest section by clicking on the link below:

The map below shows the location for Midgar on the World Map:

Midgar Location