Locations Midgar - Sector 5

Sector 5 is one of the eight sectors of Midgar and one of the six sectors that you are able to visit. Check out the full Midgar location page for more information on the different sectors.

Entering the Sector 5 Slums

Sector 5 and the Sector 5 Slums include the area where Cloud first meets Aeris in the church and it also includes Aeris’ House. There is a small town in Sector 5 that you can visit and return to once you have the Key to Sector 5. You can navigate to the Key to Sector 5 side quest section below:

The story of the game takes you through Sector 5 two different times. The first visit occurs when Cloud falls from the Sector 8 Reactor after the battle against Airbuster. Check out the Sector 5 Slums walkthrough page.

Aeris House

The second visit occurs when the team visits Sector 5 and Sector 6 after emerging from the Train Graveyard and the Sewer. Check out the Sector 6 walkthrough page for additional details.

You can purchase the following items in the shops of the Sector 5 Slums very early on in the game:

The map below shows the location for Midgar on the World Map:

Midgar Location