Wall Market

Wall Market is a large town-like area made up of two subsections - the northern area and the southern area. Use the screenshots below to help you find the correct buildings as you navigate through the market.

The Weapon Shop in Wall Market

There is no point in traveling to the Item Shop as the security gun inside of it is broken, preventing you from making any purchases, however you should travel to the Weapon Shop. The Weapon Shop is located one screen north and has the words “Machine Gun” written on the outside (shown in the screenshot below). You can buy the following upgrades:

Mythril Rod for Aeris
Metal Knuckle for Tifa
Mythril Armlets for each of your party members (or Titan Bangles if you don’t have enough gil)

You only need three Titan Bangles as your party members can share the armor.

The Weapon Shop in Wall Market
The Weapon Shop in Wall Market

Start off by traveling to the very southeastern corner of the map to find the Honey Bee Inn. Speak to the large man in the red vest and ask him if he knows a girl named Tifa. He will explain that Tifa is the newest girl and that she has been taken to Don Corneo’s mansion.

The path to the Honey Bee Inn
The entrance to the Honey Bee Inn

Don Corneo’s mansion is located in the northern-most part of Wall Market. Travel there and speak to the man in blue guarding out front. The guard will allow Aeris in but not Cloud.

Aeris will come up with the suggestion to dress Cloud up like a girl in order to gain entry. The next few tasks involve finding pieces of a disguise to help get Cloud gain entrance in to the mansion.

Wall Market leading to Don Corneo’s Mansion
Don Corneo’s Mansion - dress like a girl

You do not actually have to acquire all of the items listed below in order to gain entry into Don Corneo’s mansion, however doing do will cause Don Corneo to ‘choose’ Cloud to “be his woman” in one of the upcoming scenes. All of the steps have been included to get all of the best items for the sake of fully completing the game and it actually makes things much quicker once you get inside the mansion if Cloud is selected.

Having Cloud be selected is also important if you plan to obtain the Best Bromance trophy.

The first step in putting Cloud’s disguise together is to go to the Boutique to buy a dress. The Boutique is located the the lower section of Wall Market and it is the entryway in the north west section (shown in the screenshot below).

Try to speak to the cashier and Aeris will ask if she can have a dress made for Cloud. The girl at the counter will ask you to try and bring her father back from the bar.

The Boutique / Dress Shop in Wall Market
The Boutique / Dress Shop

You can find girl’s father in the bar which is located in the top section of Wall Market. It’s the doorway with the small sign that reads “In” (shown in the screenshot below). The girl’s father is on the right side wearing a blue shirt with a brown hat. He will ask Aeris what type of dress to make for Cloud.

Choose something “that feels soft” and then something “that shimmers” in to receive the Silk Dress (which is the highest quality one). Return to the Boutique to find the dress maker there and to have Cloud try on the dress. The next step is to find him an appropriate wig.

The entrance to the Bar in Wall Market
The dress maker in the bar

Travel to the Gym (also known as the Men’s Hall) which is in the upper portion of Wall Market. The entrance to the Gym is through the doorway in the southern section shown in the screenshot below. Speak to the woman in the blue dress with the brown hair.

The entrance to the gym / Men’s Hall
The gym / Men’s Hall

You have to defeat ‘Big Bro’ in the squat challenge in order to win the wig. This mini-game is simple enough. You have to press Square Button, then the X Button and then the Circle Button in that order to complete a squat. You can’t just press them repeatedly though - you will have to get the timing down in order to complete a full set.

Use the practice rounds that you are given to make sure that you get the timing down. You will have to do 14 or more squats in order to win the Blonde Wig.

The buttons to press during the squat challenge
The squat challenge

You have now received enough items to successfully enter Don Corneo’s mansion if you would like - just return to the Boutique and have Cloud change into the disguise. There are two additional items that you can obtain however which will assist you in ensuring that Don Corneo selects Cloud to be his “bride for the night”.

Consummate Cross-dresser

You can obtain the Consummate Cross-dresser Trophy if Don Corneo selects Cloud to be his “bride for the night”. You should follow the steps listed below to obtain the Diamond Tiara, the Sexy Cologne, the Lingerie and the make-up from the Honeybees in the Honeybee Inn.

Consummate Cross-dresser Trophy Icon

Go back down to the lower portion of Wall Market and enter the Materia Store which is through the door to the northeast. Speak to the the man lying down across the table. The man will ask Cloud to go to the Inn to pick up an item from him.

The entrance to the Materia Store
Speaking to the owner of the Materia Store

Travel to the Inn which is located in the lower section of Wall Market. The entrance is in the southwest section and there is a man wearing purple standing out front. Go inside the Inn and choose to stay for the night (for 10 gil).

Once you choose to stay you will be presented with the option of buying an item from the vending machine. Choose to buy the most expensive item for 200 gil.

The entrance to the Inn
Purchasing the item for the Materia Store owner

Return to the Materia Store and give the item Cloud picked up to the owner and he will provide Cloud with the Diamond Tiara.

Purchasing the item for the Materia Store owner

The next destination is the Diner which is in the center of the lower portion of Wall Market (see the screenshot below). The server will tell Cloud to sit wherever he likes - in reality there is only one seat open.

Have a seat at the counter and order any of the food items you like. The choice you make does not matter. When the server asks how the meal was choose “It was alright”. The server will then provide Cloud with the Pharmacy Coupon key item.

The entrance to the diner
Receiving the Pharmacy Coupon in the Diner

The Pharmacy is the small hut just to the south of the Diner with the small statue of the cat out front (a Japanese fortune cat) shown in the screenshot below. Speak to the man behind the counter and exchange the Pharmacy Coupon for the ‘Digestive’.

The entrance to the Pharmacy
Exchanging the Pharmacy Coupon for Digestive

Return to the Bar where you found the dress maker and head to the doorway at the back. Offer up the medicine after Cloud opens the door and the ailing patron will provide Cloud with the Sexy Cologne.

The Bar
Exchaning the Digestive for the Sexy Cologne

Go back into the lower section of Wall Market and speak to the man in the white shirt in the southwest (on the way to the Honey Bee Inn). He will provide Cloud with the “Member’s Card” Key Item. Travel back to the Honey Bee Inn and use the Member’s Card to gain entry.

Obtaining the Member’s Card
Gaining entry into the Honey Bee Inn

You can wander around a few of the rooms within the Honey Bee Inn. The room to the north leads to the change room for the… honey bees. Choosing to spy on the people in the room to the northeast (The Lover’s Room) yields some pretty disturbing lines of dialogue.

Choosing the rooms to the northwest or southwest will net Cloud either the Lingerie or the Bikini Bottoms. It does not matter which room you choose or which item you receive. Speak to the girls in the changing room afterwards to receive the Lingerie if you choose that room.

Inside the Honey Bee Inn
The &$#% Room

The Lingerie / Bikini Bottoms will not improve the likelihood of Don Corneo choosing you in and of itself. However, after you have received one of the items you can request the assistance of the girls in the Honey Bee Inn changing room in putting on Cloud’s make-up which will increase the overall likelihood of Don Corneo selecting Cloud.

The &$#% Room

You now have all of the items you can obtain for the disguise. Travel back to the Boutique and have Cloud change into it. It is still not a guarantee that Don Corneo will select Cloud so you may wish to save your game at the Save Point before you continue on to the mansion.

Speak to the guard outside of Don Corneo’s mansion when you are ready. Head up to the second floor and take the doorway on the far left side of the room. Tifa can be found in the basement area. Don’t forget to grab the Ether in the corner after speaking with Tifa. Head up the stairs after you grab it.

The entrance to Don Corneo’s Mansion
Picking up the Ether in the basement

Enter the Don’s room through the double doors at the back and he will make his selection. If the Don chooses either Tifa or Aeris you will find yourself in a room full of a bunch of push over enemies to fight. Talk to each person in the room to get the story rolling. Travel back into the Don’s room to begin interrogating him.

The entrance to Don Corneo’s room
Don Corneo selecting his bride for the evening

If Cloud is selected you will skip right to the interrogation scene. At the conclusion of the scene Don Corneo will pull a lever throwing Cloud, Tifa and Aeris into the sewers.

Don Corneo selecting Cloud as his date
Best Bromance

Dialogue during this section of the game will influence the Gold Saucer Date side quest and obtaining the Best Bromance Trophy.

If Tifa is selected as the Don’s date and Cloud is talking to Aeris:

“You alright?” + 3 to Aeris
“We gotta help Tifa!!” - 2 to Aeris

If Aeris is selected as the Don’s date and Cloud is talking to Tifa:

“You alright?” + 3 to Tifa
“We gotta help Aeris!!” - 2 to Tifa

If Cloud is selected as the Don’s date:

“Yes, his name’s Barret…” + 5 to Barret

None of the other choices will impact the date scene, including nearly kissing the Don.

Yes his names Barret
Best Bromance Trophy Icon