Locations Corel Prison

The Corel Prison is located in the exact same spot of the map as Gold Saucer because it is actually just a prison that makes up the base of the “Gold Saucer tree”. The prison doesn’t really have any security or guards, for the most part, and operates in a state of semi-lawlessness.

Corel Prison Entrance

The story takes you through Corel Prison just one time and then you can no longer return to this location in the game. Check out the Corel Prison walkthrough section for details. You wind up in the Corel Prison after a man with a gun-arm (Dyne) goes on a rampage in Battle Square and your party ends up taking the fall as the guilty person is assumed to have been Barret.

Buggy Leaving Corel Prison

This visit occurs after you reach the Gold Saucer. When you escape from Corel Prison you receive a Buggy transport from Ester which you then use to reach either Gongaga or Cosmo Canyon.

There is one shop that you can find in the pub-style building where you can purchase just a few basic items listed below:

50 gil
300 gil
500 gil

The map below shows the location of the Corel Prison (and Gold Saucer) on the World Map:

Corel Prison Location