Yuffie Kisaragi
Secret Character

Yuffie is one of two secret optional characters that you can obtain during your playthrough. Check out the Secret Characters section for more information on how to obtain her:

Yuffie is a thief who spends her days hunting Materia, just like her father, and she operates similar to a thief class in other games. You can actually return her to her home town in order to complete a number of side quests including one that involves getting all of your Materia back and one that involves climbing the Wutai Pagoda.

Yuffie’s weapons are all long-ranged which means that you can place Yuffie in the back row to greatly reduce the amount of damage that she takes. Her Ultimate Weapon, Conformer, is also extremely helpful as you can use Morph Materia with it and the damage of Yuffie’s attacks will not be reduced.

Battle against Yuffie
Yuffie suggesting she knows this area well

Yuffie has fairly high Dexterity and fairly high Luck, but is below average for most other stats including Strength, HP, Magic and Spirit. That being said, because she can hang out in the back row, she’s not a bad character to use.

Yuffie can use the following weapons (Shurikens):

4-point Shuriken
Razor Ring
Crystal Cross
Wind Slash
Twin Viper
Spiral Shuriken
Magic Shuriken
Rising Sun

Check out the Limit Break section for more information on Yuffie’s Limit Breaks.