Mosphoran Highwaste

There are a number of side quests and Hunts that can be completed before you travel to the Mosphoran Highwaste. Check out the previous Rabanastre section of the walkthrough for details. Teleport to Nalbina using one of the orange Save Crystals once you are ready to continue.

You should take the time to initiate one of the Hunts while you are in Nalbina if you have not done so already. Search for a blue Bangaa named Burrogh on the northern wall of the Jajim Bazaar in Nalbina. He is crouched behind one of the stalls. Speak to him to initiate Hunt 17: Trouble in the Hills assuming that you picked up Bill No. 16 – Atomos (Rank III) back at the Sandsea Tavern in Rabanastre.

Nalbina Town entering the Mosphoran Highwaste
Speaking to Burrogh in Nalbina Town

Make your way back out to the West Barbican (where the orange Save Crystal is located) and travel north into the Mosphoran Highwaste.

Enemies: Clay Golem, Fire Elemental, Humbaba, Python, Seeq Cateran, Slaven Wilder, Vulture, Wary Wolf, Worgen

Southern Skirts

As with the previous Elemental enemies that you have seen, the Fire Elemental enemies in this area should be avoided at all costs. They are not aggressive and will not attack you if you walk past them, however they will begin attacking any party member that uses Magick in their vicinity. You should also make sure that you have an Esuna Gambit setup as the Worgens in this area can use a move called Screech will put them under the Confuse status effect. Continue north into the next area.

Southern Skirts area of Mosphoran Highwaste
Dealing with a Fire Elemental in the Mosphoran Highwaste

Summit Path

Work your way through the Summit Path as well heading north. Your destination is the Babbling Vale which can be reached by going through the Empyrean Way or by heading west in the Summit Path, taking the long way around, but leading straight to the Vale.

Exploring the Summit Path in the Mosphoran Highwaste
Entering the Babbling Vale area

Babbling Vale

Save your game at the orange Save Crystal. Speak to Va’Kansa near Luccio, the shop owner, to initiate Hunt 19: Rodeo to the Death (Braegh – Rank IV) assuming that you read Bill No. 18 back in Rabanastre. Luccio’s shop contains a number of new items, armor and Technicks that you may wish to purchase. New items are denoted with an asterisk below:

You should upgrade your weapons and armor (assuming you can afford it), purchase a few Chronos Tears as they are helpful against the Stop status effect (which can devastate your party) and you may want to purchase the 1000 Needles Technick (available in the original PlayStation 2 version of the game).

Babbling Bale from the top
Speaking to Luccio in the Babbling Vale

Head to the northeast section of the Babbling Vale and activate the Shrine of the East Wind and the Shrine of the Northeast Wind. Head into the Rays of Ashen Light area and a new pathway will have opened up allowing you to access two treasure chests - one which contains a Blood Sword and one which contains the Stamp Technick.

At this point you should complete the next Hunt to track down Atomos. Save your game at the Save Crystal and then venture north to the Northern Skirts:

Now travel north through the Trail of Sky-flung Stone and through the Northern Skirts (both of which you have already travelled through if you completed Hunt 17: Trouble in the Hills) and then through the Halny Crossing. Walking over the bridge leads to the next are of the game – the Salikawood.

Traveling through the Northern Skirts area in the Mosphoran Highwaste
Entering the Salikawood from the Mosphoran Highwaste