There is a short cutscene when Vaan enters the city. His party members will leave him and he will be on his own again.

Fran bidding fairwell to Vaan in Rabanastre
Balthier and Fran leaving the party

There is now a new service available within Rabanastre called Moogling. You can speak to a Moogling Attendant to quickly warp to other Moogling Attendant locations scattered across the city. This includes The Sandsea, Muthru Bazaar, Eastgate – Dalmasca Estersand and Westgate – The Aerodrome. The service is completely free of charge so use it to save yourself some time as you travel between each of the locations.

Speaking to a Moogling Attendant to use the Moogling service to get around Rabanastre
Warping to the Sandsea Tavern

The first thing you should do is travel to some of the various shops around town as they all hold new items. Use the drop-downs below for more information on the items, Magick, Technicks and Gambits.

First Aid
Ally: any
Ally: party leader
Ally: HP < 80%
Ally: HP < 70%
Ally: HP < 60%
Ally: HP < 50%
Ally: HP < 40%
Ally: HP < 30%
Ally: HP < 20%
Ally: MP < 80%
Ally: MP < 70%
Ally: MP < 60%
Ally: MP < 50%
Ally: MP < 40%
Ally: MP < 30%
Ally: MP < 20%
Ally: status = Sleep
Ally: status = Confuse
Ally: status = HP Critical
Foe: any
Foe: targeting leader
Foe: targeting self
Foe: targeting ally
Foe: HP = 100%
Foe: HP ≥ 70%
Foe: HP ≥ 50%
Foe: HP ≥ 30%
Foe: status = Sleep
Foe: status = Oil
Foe: status = Disable
Foe: status = Immobilize
Foe: status = Reflect
Foe: status = HP Critical
Foe: flying

You should make sure to purchase the Charge Technick and some of the Gambits that are now available (such as Ally: HP < XX% which will allow you to build healing strategies). You should also purchase Shell, Slow, Blind and Protect Magick while you can as well.

You may also want to take the opportunity to activate a few of the Grimoires that are available even though you likely cannot purchase any of them yet. Each of the Grimoires that become available for purchase from the Bazaar and increase the quality of loot you receive from destroying specific types of enemies. You can make them appear in the Bazaar by following the steps below:

  • Talk to the Weapon shop owner 30 or more times to activate a Forgotten Grimoire that costs 19,000 gil (Knight’s Monograph which causes additional loot to drop from Giant and Insect-type enemies)
  • Read the Notice Board in the Sandsea 20 or more times to activate a Forgotten Grimoire that costs 20,000 gil (Warmage’s Monograph which causes additional loot to drop from Amorph and Undead-type enemies)
  • Talk to the Magick shop owner 25 or more times to activate a Forgotten Grimoire that costs 21,000 gil (Mage’s Monograph which causes additional loot to drop from Fiend-type enemies)
  • Talk to the Armor shop owner 15 or more times to activate a Forgotten Grimoire that costs 22,000 gil (Scholar’s Monograph which causes additional loot to drop from Construct-type enemies)
  • Read the Notice Board in the Sandsea 40 or more times to activate a Forgotten Grimoire that costs 22,000 gil (Dragoon’s Monograph which causes additional loot to drop from Dragon and Plant-type enemies)
  • Talk to any shop owner 100 or more times to activate a Forgotten Grimoire that costs 25,000 gil (Sage’s Monograph which causes additional loot to drop from Elemental-type enemies)
[Grimoire Pictures]

As mentioned, it is unlikely that you can afford to purchase any of these Grimoires at this time but you may as well activate them so that they can be purchased when you have more gil lying around.

Travel to the North End of Rabanastre and into the Clan Hall to speak with Montblanc. He will reward you with 150 gil for defeating the pack of Flans in the Garamsythe Waterway, 200 gil for defeating Firemane in the Garamsythe Waterway and 300 gil for defeating the Mimic Queen in the Barheim Passage. Be sure to pick up the next two Elite Hunts that he offers:

- Priority Petition No. 1: Cluckatrice
- Priority Petition No. 2: Rocktoise

The Priority Petition for Cluckatrice
The Priority Petition for Rocktoise


You can begin another side quest involving a Viera (the same species as Fran) in Rabanastre. Ktjn (pronounced similar to “kitten”) is located in the southern area of Muthru Bazaar on the stairs. She is hiding between two pillars and can be a little bit difficult to locate - use the screenshot down below to help you find her.

Speak to her and she will ask you a question. Depending on your answer, you will either gain or lose points (which are not visible) which will change the reward that you receive from her later on in the game. Check out the Ktjn side quest page for more information. The points you receive for this visit are indicated below:

But the land, I cannot hear it… Should this not trouble me as a Viera?
- Yes, you should be ashamed. (+1 point)
- No, don’t be silly. (-1 point)

Select the “Yes” answer despite how harsh it seems. She will respond with “I see. Then Perhaps it was a mistake to leave the wood…”. This is all that you can do involving Ktjn for now. You will need to speak to her several more times in order to complete the Ktjn side quest.

Speaking to Ktjn in the Muthru Bazaar for the first time in the game
Answering Ktjn's first question and telling her to be ashamed

Venture down into Lowtown and return to Old Dalan’s House in the South Sprawl. Vaan will show Old Dalan the treasure he obtained from the Royal Palace and Old Dalan will ask Vaan to run an errand for him. He will ask Vaan to take a Sword of the Old Order to a man named Azelas (side note: it is impossible for me not to notice that the sword, shaped as it is, would not be able to be pulled from its sheath...)

The area that you are headed to is located in the North Sprawl of Lowtown. Use your map by pressing the [Select Button] to help you find it. Approach the Rabanastran sitting on the crate to gain entry into the hideout.

Old Dalan identifying the Sword of the Old Order
Speaking to the Rabanastran in the North Sprawl of Lowtown

Another short cutscene will take place inside the hideout involving Basch and Vossler. Lord Vossler essentially tells Basch that he is on his own, at which point both Vaan and Basch leave the hideout with the intentions of seeking out Balthier and Fran.

Vossler and Basch facing off in the secret hideout
Basch requesting to accompany Vaan to search for Balthier and Fran

Basch joins Vaan with a ton of stored up License Points as you would not have been able to previously use them while he was just a guest in the party. Before you use them all up, make sure that you give some thought to how you plan to use each party member as you progress through the game. This will differ depending on which version of the game you are playing, but check the Party Setup page of the Tips and Tricks section for more information.

Basch has very high strength and very high HP making him ideal as a physical damage dealer or as a tank. Balthier and Fran will be joining your party shortly as well so make sure that you plan out which team members you plan to use.

The Character / Party Screen with Vaan and Basch
Exploring Basch's License Board screen, specifically Accessories 3

Travel back to the Sandsea Tavern. There is another short cutscene outside of the tavern where Vaan forgives Basch and apologizes for treating him so poorly.

Walk up the stairs inside the Sandsea to find Balthier and Fran speaking to Migelo. Apparently Penelo has been abducted by Ba’gamnan and taken to Bhujerba. Vaan promises Balthier and Fran that he will give them the jewel if they help him. Basch agrees to tag along as well.

Finding Balthier and Fran in the Sandsea Tavern speaking to Migelo
Balthier telling the team that they will be leaving soon

Swing by the Notice Board on the lower floor and pick up Bill No. 3 for the Wraith (Rank I). At this point, you can travel to the Westgate of Rabanastre and enter the Aerodrome to catch an airship to Bhujerba, but before you do, you should take care of this new Hunt that you have picked up first:

Enter the Private Residence after you have completed Hunt 04 and pick up the Dusty Letter lying on the table. The Dusty Letter is part of the Three Medallions side quest that can be completed later on in the game.

Retrieving the Dusty Letter from the Private Residence in Lowtown
Examining the Letter on the table of the Private Residence

That is all you can do for now. Make sure you haven’t missed out on any of the items or side quests listed above and then head to the Aerodrome and speak to Balthier who is standing on one of the observation decks.

Telling Balthier that you are ready to depart in the Aerodrome of Rabanastre
Cinematic of the Strahl airship