Revisiting Midgar to stop Hojo from using the Sister Ray

Fly over towards Midgar when you are ready to continue with the next portion of the game. A cutscene will begin as soon as you get close enough. You will get to choose your party members one last time before parachuting into Midgar but your team should still be ready to go following the fight against Diamond Weapon.

Highwind Parachute Scene
Parachuting into Midgar

Sector 8 Underground

Follow Cait Sith down the pathway to find a Save Point where you can save your game and still swap party members if you would like to. Approach Cait Sith when you are ready to continue and follow him down the ladder.

Cloud in the streets of Midgar
Cait Sith’s secret passageway

Take the upper pathway and follow it around the catwalk and onto the pipes to find a treasure chest that contains an Item IconElixir. There is another treasure chest on the right side of the pipes that contains a Item IconMegalixir. Go back to the very ladder that you came down and this time go down the long set of stairs that were closer to the screen. Take the ladder downwards which will lead into the next screen.

Sector 8 Underground
Picking up a Megalixir

Head left once you reach the platform at the bottom of the ladder and take the ladder at the back of the screen back up to the top level. At the top of this extremely long ladder is a treasure chest that contains an Armor IconAegis Armlet.

The ladders in the Sector 8 Underground
Picking up the Aegis Armlet

Go back down to the platform below and continue to the right side of the screen. The ground will collapse beneath Cloud as he attempts to jump across the gap. Continue to the left instead and climb the ladder on the red pipe.

The section of floor that drops away
Climbing the red pipe

Follow the pathway around and enter the ventilation duct with the red rim around the opening. The treasure chest on the right side of this platform contains an Item IconElixir while the one on the left contains a Mgephone IconStarlight Phone weapon for Cait Sith. Climb down the ladder and jump down to the ventilation duct on the right side of the screen. At the end of the duct is a ladder that leads to a treasure chest that contains a Gun Arm IconMax Ray weapon for Barret.

Section 8 Underground
Climbing up a ventilation duct

Go back down to the platform with the two treasure chests and take the stairs leading up to the upper level. Save your game at the Save Point before you go through the next doorway.

The next fight coming up involves three of the Turks. In preparation for the fight, you should equip all of the Accessory IconRibbons that you have in your inventory to prevent Reno’s attacks and Elena’s Bewildered attack from causing the Confusion status effect. Also make sure that you have a Command Materia Steal Materia equipped.

Ventilation shaft
Into the Winding Tunnel

Winding Tunnel

Travel through the vent and a little ways down the corridor to trigger the next boss battle. If you completed the Wutai side quest to retrieve your Materia back from Yuffie you will be given an option of whether or not to fight the Turks. Elena will say “What are you doing! Let’s go!” and you will be given two options. I recommend engaging in the fight so that you can steal the items each of the Turks possess.

Boss Battle: Reno, Rude and Elena

Make sure that you steal from all three Turks. You can steal a Accessory IconTouph Ring from Reno, a Armor IconZiedrich from Rude and a Armor IconMinerva Band from Elena. Even if you have stolen these same items from them in the past (during the Sunken Gelnika side quest, for instance) you can still steal another copy from them.

This battle can be fairly tough due to the amount of damage that Reno and Rude are capable of inflicting. Make sure to use Big Guard off your Command Materia Enemy Skill Materia. The battle will end as soon as you fully deplete the HP of either Elena, Reno or Rude.

Elena giving the option to skip the battle
Boss Battle against hte Turks

HP: 28,000 (Rude) + 25,000 (Reno) + 30,000 (Elena)
Reward: Item IconElixir

Travel towards the camera once the battle has concluded. Continue past Barret and you will eventually find a Item IconPower Source six screens south, followed by a Item IconGuard Source two more screens south, a Item IconMind Source and a Item IconMagic Source two more screens south from there and one more screen will help you reach the Command Materia W-Item Materia.

Ventilation shaft
W-Item Materia

Travel all the way back to where you fought the Turks and continue northward away from the camera. There is a split path when you reach area 8 (the numbers are located on the back wall on the screens where the train tracks split). Take the pathway leading to the right. This pathway leads back to the Shinra Building and is entirely optional, so you can skip and continue down the pathway to the left. Just scroll down the next “Winding Tunnels” section. Take a left at the next fork in the path (the one with Cid standing in front of it). Climb the ladder up to the upper level.

Winding Tunnel Shafts
Climbing the ladder up to the Shinra Building

Shinra Building

Cait Sith will jump out of the Shinra Building and warn you that this is not the right direction to the Sister Ray. Ignore him and go through the front entrance.

Cloud approaching the Shinra Building
Cait Sith coming out of the Shinra Building

Go up to the second floor and enter the Item Store on the back wall. You can buy Item IconPotions, Item IconPhoenix Downs, Item IconAntidotes, Item IconEye Drops and Item IconTents at the “fully automated shop”. There are two treasure chests at the back of the shop which were previously locked shut. One contains a Glove IconMaster Fist weapon for Tifa and the other one contains a Gun Arm IconPile Banger weapon for Barret.

Picking up the items in the Shinra Building Shop (Master Fist)

You can climb up the stairwell to the top floors again if you choose. There is a Headdress Weapon IconBehemoth Horn weapon available for Red XIII about half way to the top. The weapon is fairly strong but it is hard to justify the climb - a more suitable alternative is to take the elevator up to the 59th floor and take the stairs back down.

Enter the Shinra building and ride the elevator up to the 59th floor. After you have picked up the Behemoth Horn from the stairwell, take the elevators on the right side of the screen that allow you to use your Keycards and to access the various floors. Travel to the Floor 63 and you will find a Spear IconGlow Lance (which is actually a mispelling of “Grow Lance") weapon in one of the rooms.

Cloud in the elevator
Picking up the Glow Lance

On Floor 64 you will find Cait Sith’s Ultimate Weapon, the Megaphone IconHP Shout, in one of the lockers in the change room. Check the vending machine in the room below and if you spent the 250 gil attempting to buy the “Shinra Gym Special Drink” you can now choose to bang on the machine to receive a Item IconMind Source and a Item IconSpeed Source.

Cait Sith’s Ultimate Weapon, HP Shout
The Shinra Building vending machine

This is everything that you can do in the Shinra Building. Backtrack all the way to the Winding Tunnels where you fought the Turks. You can use this second elevator to take you all the way back down to the first floor.

Winding Tunnel

Travel to the intersection just north of where you fought the Turks (the one listed as intersection 8 and pictured in the screenshot below). Cloud will automatically climb the rafters to the streets above. Continue forward to initiate the next boss battle.

The Winding Tunnels
Cloud in the streets of Midgar

Boss Battle: Proud Clod

Proud Clod is a straightforward boss fight. It has a lot of HP but it does not do a lot of damage. Just make sure to keep your party healed up and unleash all of your highest damage attacks against it. Proud Clod will kneel just before it uses its Beam Cannon attack giving you plenty of time to prepare yourself.

The Proud Clod Boss Battle
Proud Clod

HP: 60,000 + 20,000 (Jamar Armor)
Reward: Sword IconRagnarok

Remember to equip Cloud’s new Sword IconRagnarok sword after the boss battle. Head north to the top of the screen after the battle has concluded. In the next area you will find two treasure chests, one containing an Item IconElixir and one containing a Armor IconMystile armor, as well as a Save Point.

The Save Point on the surface

Switch your party around at the Save Point so that it includes Barret. There is a treasure chest coming up that contains Barret’s Ultimate Weapon called Gun Arm IconMissing Score. You can only see the treasure chest if you have Barret in your party. Proceed up the stairs toward Cait Sith and then past Vincent. The treasure chest is located half way up the catwalk - use the screenshot below for reference. Return back down to the Save Point if you would prefer not to keep Barret in your party.

Adding Barret to your party
Picking up Barret’s Ultimate Weapon, Missing Score


There is no way to return to Midgar to retrieve Barret’s Ultimate Weapon if you go past this point without obtaining it.

There are three upcoming boss battles that are all fought one after the other in succession. Make sure that you have all of your Accessory IconRibbon accessories equipped.

Boss Battle: Hojo

The first battle is against Hojo himself. Hojo will summon two Sample creature enemies that fight along side him but focus all of your attacks on Hojo directly and the two enemies will disappear as soon as he runs out of HP.

Boss Battle against Hojo
Hojo’s Samples

HP: 13,000
Reward: None

Boss Battle: Hellectic Hojo

The second form of Hojo is called Hellectic Hojo. You can target its main body as well as the left and right arms. The Left Arm has 24,000 HP and the Right Arm has 5,000 HP. They both regenerate fairly quickly after you destroy them so focus all of your attacks on the center body. This form is capable of causing a variety of status effects so if you have any characters that are not equipped with a Accessory IconRibbon you will have to deal with Confuse, Sleep and Silence statuses.

Boss Battle against Hellectic Hojo
Hellectic Hojo leaning down

HP: 26,000 + 24,000 (left arm) + 5,000 (right arm)
Reward: None

Boss Battle: Lifeform Hojo

This is the third and final form that Hojo takes. Lifeform-Hojo can also inflict a variety of status effects including Silence (whenever you attack with magic), Poison, Darkness and Sleep. Independent Materia Counter Attack Materia works well on this boss as you have an opportunity to counter its “Combo” attack all four times that it hits your character. This boss does a ton of damage so be sure to keep Big Guard from your Command Materia Enemy Skill Materia active throughout the fight.

Boss Battle against Lifeform Hojo

HP: 30,000
Reward: Item IconPower Source

The story continues back on the Highwind. There is a ton of dialogue to pour through before moving on to Disc 3.

Cloud and Tifa outside of the Highwind at dawn
The Highwind transforming