So you’ve had all your Materia stolen by Yuffie and are stuck, eh? Or perhaps you just want to scour this area for any half decent items you can find.

Map of Wutai

On Disc 2, as you approach Wutai (Yuffie’s hometown) she will jump in front of you and start talking funny. In the middle of the conversation two Shinra guards will interrupt you and start a fight. Yuffie will be gone if she was on your team, and she will have taken all your Materia.

After the fight (it’s easy even with no Materia) the team will realize all the Materia has been stolen. Barret will join your team if Yuffie was on it.

Make your way along the trail into the second part of Wutai. You should see a large pagoda off in the distance. Enter the house on the right side. Go into the room just ahead of the entrance and examine the tapestry hanging from the wall on the north side of the room. It will move to reveal a hallway to a hidden chest containing a Magic Shiruken for Yuffie. Now let’s go find Yuffie. Head into the next room where you see the man lying down. Keep talking to him and he will eventually spill the beans about being Yuffie’s father and Yuffie will jump down from the roof. Yuffie will run into the room to the north of this one, but if you follow her in there you won’t find her.

Exit the house and make your way back towards the entrance to Wutai and enter the building furthest west. You will find the Turks inside. Talk to them to get the story rolling. Now head to the building north of this one and open the chest for an MP Absorb Materia and have it stolen by Yuffie. No mercy I guess. Follow her out and down to the building at the entrance to Wutai on the right. Yuffie is hiding behind the screen set up in the corner. Follow her out again and back to the building on the left where you met the Turks. There’s a big pot just to the side of the entrance that shakes every now and then. Yuffie is hiding in there. Break it open and Yuffie will lead you to her house.

Follow Yuffie as she leads you down into the basement and talk to her once down there. Flip either switch to trigger the trap Yuffie has set for you. Head back up to the north section of Wutai, towards the first house you entered on the right, but this time take a left towards the structure on that side. Examine it to cause a secret door to be revealed.

Down in the basement you’ll get to watch yet another scene. Grab the two chests on your way out for a Swift Bolt and an Elixir. When you get to the upper level you will be tossed into a fight with three Shinra guards, but they go down rather easily. Exit out the front after you’ve defeated them. Make your way back to the Save Point near the entrance to town. Talk to the two Turks once you come across them. Save and use a tent on your team if you have one. A battle is coming up which can be a tad difficult with no materia.

From the save point head north towards the mountain. You will meet up with the two Turks again. At the first fork in the road take the right, then take the left around the statues head. At this point you will see Rude standing in front of a cave, go up and talk to him. Inside the cave you will find a chest containing the Dragon Lance (weapon for Cid). In order to walk through the flames you need to have the Leviathan Scales, click here to learn how to obtain them.

Make your way south from the cave entrance to find Yuffie and Elena tied up to the statue being held hostage by Don Corneo.

Time to fight Rapps…

Defeating Rapps in Wutai

If you are attempting this fight with no Materia you’re going to find it extremely difficult. It’s do-able, but it’s extremely difficult. Pull all the aces out of your sleeves to get through this one. Make sure everyone has a full limit break before the battle and use your X-Potions and Megalixirs if needed to keep your team alive. Use some of the items you’ve been looting from battles on this boss, such as … You can also buy some items that can be used in battle from the shops around town. Good luck!

HP: 6,000
Reward: Peace Ring

After the fight you’ll be given three choices from the Don and like the last time, it means nothing. Some more lengthy discussions and Yuffie will finally give you your Materia back. Even though you start outside of Wutai, go back inside. Enter the small shed attached to Yuffie's house (directly north of the entrance). The cats have now cleared the entrance to the stairs. Press square to walk up them and then walk towards the screen. Inside the chest is an HP Absorb Materia.

Side Quest: Gold Saucer Date

This information is for the Gold Saucer date side quest (click here for more information).

After Yuffie gives back all your Materia in Wutai: (+10 Yuffie)

Note that you only get this bonus if Cloud is leading the party. However, since this part of the Wutai side-quest closes off before you get the opportunity to have a different party leader, it'll never really matter.