Temple of the Ancients

Using the Tiny Bronco, make your way to the Temple of the Ancients. If you’ve lost the Tiny Bronco you can find it on the mini-map by pressing select and looking for the flashing blue dot.

Tiny Bronco arriving at the Temple of the Ancients

When you first arrive and cross the bridge into the Temple of the Ancients, Aeris will start going nuts and starting talking to the temple/planet. Make your way inside and up the stairs. Inside you’ll meet up with Tseng. Tseng will toss you the Keystone and retire to the pillar at the back of the room.

Place the Keystone in the altar at the back of the room. Once you do you’ll be thrown into the middle of a massive maze.

Map of the Temple of the Ancients

Well, my map didn’t turn out nearly as well as I’d hoped it would, so I’ll describe what to do as well. You start where the pink line begins on the left side of the screen. Follow it to the chest (Trident), and then follow it up and around to the first weird creature thing that runs away from you. In here you can buy items, rest, etc. Grab the Turbo Ether, and this is where the yellow line begins. The yellow line will take you down to a chest at the bottom of the map that contains Rocket Punch. The star at the end of the yellow line is where the game continues, but I suggest you follow the blue line around and grab the “Lucky Plus” Materia (which is a misspelling of Luck Plus Materia), then head back to the yellow star.

The rolling stones in this room have to be dodged. Each one of them has a side that has a small hole in it that you can stand in as it rolls over you. Half way to the end you’ll reach a small fountain with a Morph Materia at the edge. Grab it and continue to the end.

After the short interlude with Aeris there will be a small creature you can talk to in order to rest and save.

In the next room you have to move the hands of the clock to get into each of the doorways. The hour and minute hand make up a pathway you can walk on while the second hand will knock you off of either that you may be standing on.

Here are the doorways you should head to:

- 4 (IIII) contains a treasure chest (Princess Guard, a fantastic weapon for Aeris)
- 5 (V) contains a treasure chest (Ribbon <= Extremely good)
- 6 (VI) leads to the next room in the Temple of the Ancients
- 7 (VII) contains a treasure chest (Trumpet Shell)
- 8 (VIII) contains a treasure chest (Megalixir)

The rest are useless. The first and third doorways (I and III) have monsters inside the treasure chests. Fight them if you feel like it! If you accidentally get knocked off the clock while walking to your destination you will end up on the bottom floor fighting a dragonfly type enemy. The reward for defeating them, the Nail Bat, is a pretty lackluster item though.

Go into doorway six when you’re ready. This room has you chasing around one of the weird creatures through a bunch of doors. The object of this task is for you to be waiting at the door he is about to come out next. Make sure you grab the Work Glove on the bottom floor first. Go to the left side of the screen and you can press Circle to jump down a level. Here’s a map of where he is and where he’ll go:

Map of the doorway puzzle in the Temple of the Ancients

Each door is numbered from 1-10 (the top number) and the door you end up at when you go through the door is the number inside the door (the grey number). So if you see that little creature run into door number 4 you need to go into door number 10. Use door 10 to get back to the top of the room. Make sure you rest and save before you continue. You’ve got some tough fights ahead of you…

Red Dragon
Boss Battle against the Red Dragon in the Temple of the Ancients

If you have a Fire Ring be sure to equip it to someone. You can also pair your Fire Materia with an Elemental Materia on your armor to allow it to absorb fire attacks. This boss is not immune to Poison (this means use Bio early in the fight), and other than that just use your attacks and limit breaks to bring him down.

HP: 6,800
Reward: Dragon Armlet

Grab the Bahamut Materia that drops on the ground after the battle.

Demon's Gate

Probably the hardest battle in the game (in my opinion at least). The typical problem at this point is that you haven’t been fighting enough random encounters throughout the game because you’ve played it before and know all the ways to go. Some tips for beating this battle:

HP: 10,000
Reward: Gigas Armlet

Stick all the characters in the back row to reduce some of the damage being taken (click here for information on how to move characters to the back row). Start the fight with limit breaks on all characters. Use your summon Materia if you haven’t, especially Bahamut, just to add some extra damage. Don’t let any of your characters stay at low health for long, or they won’t live long enough to see a heal. Don’t use spells; they barely hit him. Use standard attacks as your main offense, and pray for a lot of limit breaks. Chances are you won’t have trouble charging your limit breaks with the amount of damage this boss deals out.

After the fight Cait Sith will head in to work his magic on the Temple of the Ancients to turn it into the Black Materia. I wonder what kind of puzzles he had to solve. Maybe it was Tetris? Somehow even with this whole tearful goodbye thing and the sad music, I’m always glad to see that stupid cat/mog thing die. Good riddance. Real shame he comes back.

After Cloud shamelessly hands over the Black Materia to Sephiroth, you and the team will make your way to Bone Village. Hop back on the Tiny Bronco and make your way her: (map below)

Map with directions from the Temple of the Ancients to Bone Village