Shinra Building

Barrett and Tifa will explain that you now have two options – you can either sneak into the Shinra Building quietly or you can bust in through the front doors. At first glance it may seem as though sneaking into the building is a better idea, but in reality it involves climbing about 60 flights of stairs to the top of the building. All the power to you if you are that patient.

Battle inside the Shinra Building

Thankfully the second option of busting in through the front doors is a lot more fun a lot less time consuming.

Walk through the front doors and you will immediately be thrown into battle against a few Shinra Soldiers. These Soldiers are just as easy to defeat as the ones you have seen before.

Climb up to the second level and then up to the third level and board the elevator, then use the panel on the left side of the screen to operate it. Doing so will cause the alarm to sound and the elevator display will start malfunctioning and sending you to random floors within the building. Most of the floors that you land on will throw you into a relatively easy battle and after a few fights you will find yourself on floor 59.

Floor 59

Disembark from the elevator and run towards the Shinra Soldiers to initiate another fight. Once you have defeated them you will receive Keycard 60. Now you can hop into the elevator and ride it to the 60th floor.

Floor 60

Jump off the elevator and make your way to the left side of the screen, into the small hallway and through the red door. Barrett will give you a short explanation regarding how to get past the guards.

You have to make sure that each of your team members is not seen by the guards as they work their way from the left side of the room over to the right side. If any of them are seen you will end up being thrown into combat against some Shinra Soldiers.

The first patrol area is relatively easy to get past because the Soldiers patrol quite slowly. In order to get past the second patrol area though you will have to memorize the speed of the Soldiers movements and predict when they are about to move.

If you fail at sneaking past too many times the game will eventually just let you go past, so don’t get frustrated if its giving you trouble.

Floor 61

The only thing of any importance on the 61st floor is a man wandering around who gives you a Keycard. You can find him in the grey circles in the center of the room. The answer to his question is “………”.

Floor 62

The 62nd floor has an odd puzzle. The man in the room on the left wants you to guess his password. If you get it right on the first try you get a bonus prize – so give the puzzle a shot!

To solve the puzzle you must first find a book in each of the different rooms that does not belong in that room. Check the sign on the outside of each of the rooms to determine the genre and what type of books should be in that room. For example, the Peace Preservation/Weapon Dec. Research Library will have books about peace or war or weapons. If you find a book in there about economics you will have found the book that is in the wrong section. Each of the out of place books will have a number before its title. The number represents the letter that is in the password.

If the number was “7” it would be the seventh letter in the title, as shown below:

7 Economic report: anti-Shinra activities

‘I’ is one of the letters of the password. Gather all of the letters and unscramble them to find the password (which is different for each play through of the game). Your reward for completing this puzzle in one try is an Elemental Materia.

Floor 63

On floor 63 you can treat yourself to some free items depending on which doors you choose to open, but there is actually a way to make sure that you get all of the items in a single try:

- Head to the north wall and open the door on your right.
- There are two locked doors going south. Open the one on the left.
- Go into the far item room and pick up “A Coupon”.
- Climb into the air duct in this room.
- One vent exit leads to where you started. The other takes you to another coupon room. Pick up "B Coupon".
- Exit and open the door leading into the middle coupon room and pick up "C Coupon".

Items and Doors on the 63rd Floor of the Shinra Building

Hop back in the vent and crawl to the starting room. Trade in your coupons for a Star Pendant, Four Slots and an All Materia.

Floor 64

There is nothing important on this floor other than a save point and a bed so save your game and rest to get your team back up to full health.

Floor 65

This room has you filling in the missing pieces of a model of Midgar located in the center of the room. Each time you gather one of the missing pieces of the model and place it in its proper spot a new chest will be unlocked. The chest sequence is:

1) Chest in the top left room
2) Bottom left room
3) Top left again
4) Top right
5) Bottom left

The last chest is out in the stairwell and it contains the Keycard for the 66th floor.

Floor 66

Make your way to the toilets in the upper left corner. Hop up into the ventilation shaft and spy on the Shinra employees in the other room. Make your way back to the stairwell after the conversation to find Hojo and follow him upstairs.

Floor 67

Follow Hojo around the corner. When you get to the end you will meet up with your new team member, Red XIII. Run to the other end of the room and grab the Poison Materia out of the chest and then save your game. Take the elevator up when you’re ready.

Side Quest: Gold Saucer Date

This information is for the Gold Saucer date side quest (click here for more information).

When you first meet Red XIII:

"Tifa, I'm countin' on you!"
(-2 Tifa)
"Barret, take care of her!"
(+2 Barret)

Floor 68

Once Red starts talking to you he will ask you to name him. Might I suggest Red XIII? Either that or you can name him after your cat or something, but I think Red XIII is better.

The Boss Battle against HO512 in the Shinra Building

This boss likes to use poison attacks to the point where it is pretty much pointless to try and rid your team members of it. Make use of Red XIII’s Fire Materia (with All Materia attached) to really lay into HO512 and its cohorts. Use your limit breaks and magic on HO512, he’s harder to hit since he’s in the back row.

HP: 1,000
Reward: Talisman

After a quick introduction from Red XIII make sure you pick up the Enemy Skill Materia in the specimen container. Make your way to the soldier standing on the upper platform and talk to him to receive the keycard for the 68th floor. Now make your way back down to the 66th floor and hop on the elevators. Go for the control panel and as soon as you do you will be joined in the elevator by Rude and Tseng who will arrest you and take you up to see the president. After a lengthy conversation they will throw the whole team in prison.

Once you find yoruself down in the prison you should ask about how Aeris is doing. She is the only real important one in this whole debacle. Once you have asked about her you should then choose to get some rest in order to get the story rolling again.

Side Quest: Gold Saucer Date

This information is for the Gold Saucer date side quest (click here for more information).

When Tifa asks if you can break out:

"(Leave it to me)"
(+1 Tifa) (as many times as you like)
"(Kinda hard)"
(-1 Tifa) (as many times as you like)

When you get the option to think about Barret, Red XIII or Aeris:

Whomever you think about first:
(+3 Barret or Aeris) or --
Whomever you think about second:
(+1 Barret or Aeris) or --
Whomever you think about third:
- No change

When you choose your party after escaping Midgar:

If Barret's in it:
(+1 Barret)
If Aeris is in it:
(+1 Aeris)
If Tifa is in it:
(+1 Tifa)

The fun begins when you wake up. Make your way back to where Jenova was being kept once you are released from your cell. Then head up to the elevator (and do not forget to save!).

Climb your way back up into the presidents’ room and continue the storyline. Once you are back in control of Aeris, Barrett and Red XII make sure you pull anything off Tifa, if she has any useful Materia equipped.

In preparation for the next boss make sure Red XIII and Aeris have Materia equipped that will give them a ranged attack. Lightning would be preferred but anything is better than nothing.

Go to the elevator to initiate the next boss encounter.

Hundred Gunner + Heli Gunner
The Boss Battle against Hundred Gunner and Heli Gunner in the Shinra Building

Attacks that are capable of hitting this boss on the other elevator are limited, so your options for how to proceed with this fight are also very limited. Aeris and Red XIII both need Materia in order to hit Hundred Gunner, and one team member needs to be healing. Hundred Gunner and Heli Gunner are the same fight, the only difference being that Heli Gunner hits a little harder.

HP: 1,600 + 1,000
Reward: Mythril Armlet

After the battle you will be back in control of Cloud. Remove all the Materia from the other characters. I suggest that you give Cloud a Restore, an Elemental and Steal (for the dexterity bonus). Standard attacks will do for this fight.

Rufus + Dark Nation
The Boss Battle against Rufus and Dark Nation

Dark Nation will cast all kinds of barriers and shields on Rufus. Take out Dark Nation (the cat) first and then start wearing down Rufus. Once Dark Nation is down it will be much easier to kill Rufus. With 500 HP it doesn’t take much to end the fight.

HP: 500
Reward: Protect Vest

Go back around the corner and head downstairs and be sure to save on your way out the door. Talk to Tifa when you are ready to continue. Once back in control of Aeris you should attempt to leave the building but as soon as you try Barrett will interject you know that the team has been surrounded. Bike time!

Escape from Shinra

Before you get too into the whole biking mini-game make sure that you set up your party for the fight that comes at the end. The controls for the bike are simple - the tough part is getting used to the massive delay Cloud has when he swings his big-ass sword. Give it a go and you will pick it up in no time.

Some tips:

Stay as far back from the truck as you can. It gives you more time to react as the enemy bikes pull up to it. Don't forget to make use of your bike as a battering ram. It’s possible to down enemy bikes without using your sword; your sword is just an instant kill.

Motor Ball
The Boss Battle against Motor Ball

Motor Ball, like most of the machines you’ve fought so far, is weak to Lightning magic. Lay into him with regular attacks and bolts. None of his attacks are too threatening. They pick up in terms of damage dealt as he gets closer and closer to death, so be prepared.

HP: 2,600
Reward: Star Pendant

It’s finally time to ditch Midgar! Time to get out and see the rest of the world...

Talk to everyone before trying to step out of Midgar and you will be given the option to finally leave this horrible place for good.