Sector 6

Note that this page describes the second visit to Sector 6 - if this is your first pass through the area check out the Sector 5 Slums page for more information (towards the bottom).

The story resumes in the Sector 6 maze area. Travel south just far enough to cause Tifa and Barret to come running out behind Cloud. Tifa and Barret will join your party. You should then turn around and return to the Sector 6 Park to pick up the yellow Command Materia Sense Materia lying on the ground.

Traveling a short ways through Sector 6
Returning to the Sector 6 Park for the Sense Materia

Go south through the Sector 6 maze area and back to the Sector 5 Slums. Backtrack all the way to Aeris’s House and go inside to continue the story. As instructed by Tifa, you should now return to the Wall Market area to try to find a way to get to the Shinra building.

Aeris’s House
Tifa at Aeris’s House suggesting a return to Wall Market

Travel back through the Sector 5 Slums and through the Sector 6 maze. Go through the Sector 6 Park and take a right to return to the Wall Market area.

Wall Market

The Materia Store in Wall Market is now open for business. You can buy:
Magic Materia Fire Materia,
Magic Materia Ice Materia,
Magic Materia Lightning Materia,
Magic Materia Restore Materia, and
Independent Materia Cover Materia from the shop owner.

Travel up to the Weapon Store which, as you will recall from your previous visit, is the building with the “Machine Gun” wording in pink on the sign outside. Use the screenshot below for reference. Speak to the man on the left side behind the cage and he will tell you that you will need a Battery in order to climb the plate. Offer to buy them for 100 gil each and you will receive the key item “Batteries”.

Buying Batteries at the Wall Market Weapon Shop
Ascending the Plate Section

Continue north from the Weapon Store and some kids will lead you off to the right side of the screen. Speak to the young child standing in front of the pillar to begin your ascent.

Plate Section

Follow the wire all the way to the top and then Cloud will automatically jump down off on to the left side of the screen. Take the pathway across to the right side of the screen and touch the glowing yellow outlet at the bottom right side. Cloud will use a Battery which will cause the propeller to rotate and create another pathway. Go north and cross the path.

Cloud on the left
Cloud using a battery

As soon as you cross the propeller you will see the next slot for a Battery glowing at the end of the railway track. Climb the track/ladder and place the next Battery in the slot. This will cause the black and yellow arm to raise north slightly creating another pathway.

Climb all the way to the top of the wire and Cloud will say “Looks like the only way is to jump onto that bar.” Continue climbing north from this area though and you will find another Battery slot at the top. Placing a Battery in this slot opens a small box that contains an Item IconEther.

Cloud climbing the arm
Receiving the Ether using the last battery

Go back down to try and attempt the jump. The trick is to jump once you hear the sound effect - jump the second the sound effect ends and Cloud will time it perfectly to hit the wire. Use the video below to help you with the timing.

Climb up a little bit further to reach the Shinra Headquarters.