Sector 5 Slums

The next few scenes involve quite a lot of talking between Aeris and Cloud in the Church of the Sector 5 Slums. Continue talking to Aeris until you are given the option of choosing a name for the girl previously known as the flower girl.

Cloud meeting with Aeris in the Church
The naming screen for Aeris

Jump onto the wooden walkway and make your way up the staircase. Cloud will jump across a missing piece of the catwalk while Aeris will fall to the bottom. While Aeris is on the ground floor of the church Cloud will be given the option to tell Aeris to “Hold on a minute!”, “Fight ‘em!” or “RUN!”. Select the “Hold on a minute!” option and run to the upper rafters of the church. Run over to each of the barrels in the order indicated in the screenshot below to prevent Aeris from having to fight on her own.

Telling Aeris to Hold on a minute!
Pushing barrels in the roof of the church

Pushing barrels in the roof of the church
Pushing barrels in the roof of the church

Aeris is not a strong combat character so avoiding as many fights as you can is definitely the preferred option. After pushing the third barrel Aeris will rejoin Cloud in the rafters. Take the pathway to the left and out of the roof of the church. Continue along the rooftops with Aeris in tow.

Aeris and Cloud in the rafters of the church
Aeris and Cloud on the roof of the church

Side Quest: Gold Saucer Date

This information is for the Gold Saucer date side quest (click here for more information).

When Aeris is fleeing the guards, if you:

- Push a wrong barrel
(-3 Aeris)
- Ask her to fight them
(-1 Aeris)
- Ask her to run
- No change
- Ask her to run and she has to fight
(-1 Aeris)
- Push the right barrel
(+1 Aeris)

When Aeris asks if Tifa is your girlfriend:

“No way!"
(+1 Aeris)
“Yeah, that’s right"
(-5 Aeris)

After you get through Sector 6 to the playground:

“Take her home."
- No change
“Go on to Sector 7."
(+1 Aeris)

Aeris will join your party once you reach the Sector 5 Slums area. She starts off in the back row and, unlike Barret, her damage output will suffer from her being in the back row. She will take less damage back there, but I would recommend moving her to the front row and healing as required. Check out the Tips and Tricks section for more information about the front and back row formations.

Go northwest and use the Save Point as you pass (to make sure that you don’t have to fight Air Buster again). Go northeast in the next section to enter a small town-like area. There is a Materia Store and an Item Store so buy up anything you need before moving into the next area which is to the east (right side of the screen).

The Save Point in the Sector 5 Slums
The town in the Sector 5 Slums

Aeris’s House

Head up into the garden before you enter Aeris’ House. There is a Independent Materia Cover Materia and an Item IconEther lying on the ground. Save your game at the Save Point if you did not save at the previous one.

Aeris’s House
Inside Aeris’ House

Enter the house to begin another conversation with Aeris’ Mother. Cloud will decide it best to leave Aeris behind at her house. The game continues on the second floor of the house.

Turn around and grab the item bag on the ground that contains both a Item IconPotion and a Item IconPhoenix Down. In order to get past Aeris you have to make sure not to run or the floor boards will creak. Walk past her room and exit out the front door.

Picking up the Potion on the second floor of Aeris’s House
Re-entering the Sector 4 Slums

Once you enter the town go into the shack located at the bottom-right side of the screen. Go upstairs to find a young boy sleeping in a bed. On the wall you will find ‘Turtle’s Paradise News No. 1’. There are 5 flyers located throughout the game. Finding them all will net you a very nice reward at the end. Check out the Turtle’s Paradise side quest section for more information.

A house in the Sector 5 Slums
Turtles Paradise News No. 1

The boy in the bed talks about hiding something. If you search through the drawers in the small night stand you can find 5 gil. If you choose not to steal the gil from him you can come back later on to find a Item IconTurbo Ether.

Continue through the town and back on to the pathway to find Aeris standing there waiting.

Sector 6

This area is famous for being one of the most frustrating sections of the game, especially for new players. The background graphics that guide you through this small maze are not very helpful so it can be very difficult to tell where the correct path is. Many gamers waste hours in this section trying to find out how to get through. Use the map below to help guide you through:

Map of the Sector 5 Slums

There are a few more conversations with Aeris in the next area and then you can move on to the Wall Market.

Tifa riding through Sector 6
The Sector 6 Slums