Northern Cave (Disc 3)

This is the last part of the game. You can head down and fight Sephiroth if you think you are ready. If not, you can turn around and do some more questing around the world. But most importantly, whether you’re going to fight Sephiroth now or later, it’s important to go a good ways into the Northern Cave to fish out important items, weapons, and Materia.

I’ll warn you at the point it’s impossible to turn around, so don’t worry about getting back out of the cave until then.

Select “Alright, let’s go!” when prompted at the cave’s entrance. Go down and to the left to grab the first chest containing a Save Crystal. Continue spiraling down the passage until you reach another chest, containing a Guard Source. Work your way down until you reach this screen:

Descending into the Northern Cave

Start off going down the left side, and climb the cliff on the far side to grab the chest with a Power Source in it. An HP Absorb Materia is sitting off to the right of the chest. Continue downward to the chest containing an Elixir, and down that side still. Another chest is a good ways down, and it contains a Magic Source. When you get to the very bottom work your way up the right side to grab the chest just above the next screen.

Descending into the Northern Cave

Jump down off the first ledge and then go all the way over to the right and jump down. Grab the Mind Source from the chest on your left. Walk to the right and choose to jump up when given the option. Scoot across the ledge and jump down into the cave on the left side. Inside is a chest with a Megalixir. Exit the cave and go to your left to drop down. Across from you is another chest containing a Hero Drink. Go in the cave you passed to get to it. Go all the way around the pathway and grab the chest in the small crevasse (Guard Source). Continue up the pathway into the small hole, which will take you into the crevasse on the right side with a Power Source in the chest. Continue along the pathway to the exit at the top left side of the screen. Drop down to the right twice and enter the cave, follow it through, and then drop all the way down to the next screen.

Climb down and talk to your team members. There are many different directions you can take to get to Sephiroth from here, but it’s important to traverse them all in order to pick up all the items along the way.

Descending into the Northern Cave

Start by heading to the right. Send Cloud and the two party members to the right and everyone else to the left.

Work your way down the spiral. Along the way you will find a chest with a Mystile in it, and an Elixir on the ground. Continue down to the last chest that contains a Speed Source. Continue along the trail for one last chest containing a Megalixir. Go straight up to enter the next screen.

Descending into the Northern Cave

Follow the ribcage along and down. You will meet up with your team in the next room. Go around to the small steps and your team will all be standing staring down the hole. Talk to the team members who didn’t come with you to get some free items (Elixir, Speed Source, Remedy x2 and MegaAll for me. It depends on something, either the team member or the trail, but you’ll probably get something different).

Descending into the Northern Cave

Note: This is the furthest you can go and still be able to turn back. Turn back now if you don’t want to face Sephiroth yet! If you continue from here you will have to revert back to a saved game. If you’re interested in beating Sephiroth click here. If you want to gather the rest of the items in the Northern Cave and go back up to continue playing, read on…

Walk up to the chest at the top right of the screen for a Turbo Ether, continue upward from here. You may have noticed a chest to the top left, but this has been looted and handed to you by one of your team members below, so don’t worry about it. Continue up the pathway for another chest containing an X-Potion.

Descending into the Northern Cave

The next screen will have you continuing up the long pathway. There are two chests along the way, one with a Vaccine, and another with a Turbo Ether.

Another length of pathway. The chest along it contains an X-Potion. The other two have been looted already. When you arrive here:

Descending into the Northern Cave

Go in the doorway on the right, not straight up. Straight up leads back to where the team split up.

In this forested area, start by making your way south to grab the chest containing the Magic Source. After that go back to the entrance to this room and head north.

Descending into the Northern Cave

In the next room, go to the chest at the back left. It has a Vaccine in it. The trail leading north to the right of this chest has a Shield Materia at the end of it. Come towards the screen where the Shield Materia was sitting to take a swim through the water and grab the chest on the left. It has an Imperial Guard in it. Continue to the right and grab the last chest containing a Hero Drink. The next screen can be reached by going to the back right of this one.

The glowing center of this room has a Counter Materia in it. There’s also a W-Magic Materia sitting on the edge of the forest at the top of the screen. Head to the left to exit this screen.

Now you’re done! Use either of the last two paths to get back to the top of the Northern Cave.

Descending into the Northern Cave

There are tons of things that can be done before fighting Sephiroth. Head back to the main menu and click one of the side quests listed on disc 3, or head to the Sephiroth strategy section by clicking here.

Preparation for Sephiroth:

Revisit Midgar
Dig up the key in Bone Village and return to Midgar to pick up some new items that were not there the last time you were.

Ultimate Weapon
After defeating Ultimate Weapon a new pathway will open up allowing you to enter the.

Ancient Forest
A whole bunch of items can be found and won by raising and racing Chocobos

Chocobo Breeding and Racing
After defeating Ultimate Weapon a new pathway will open up allowing you to enter the...

Battle Arena