Great Glacier (Disc 2)

Snowboarding: Have some fun with this one. The path splits in two, and then splits in two again, leaving 4 possible places to land in the Great Glacier. I haven’t tried each of them, so find you bearings and figure out where you are:

Great Glacier Map
Map of the Great Glacier

Use 'Square' button to bring up your map at any time. Finding out where you are to start is the hardest part, especially if you’re new to this part of the game. Here are the places and pictures of them so you can find out where you are. Below that are some places you should visit to pick up some nice items and such. Take a look at the item description before you decide if you want to make the trip. Once you’ve figured out where you are, decide which items you want and head straight to them. If you’ve collapsed in the snow you will be taken to spot 1 where the checkmark is on the map. Make sure you restock on supplies while you’re here. Just head south once you’re back outside to go back to the Great Glacier.

Area (1)

Area (2)

Area (3)

Area (4)

Area (5)

Area (6)

Area (7)

Area (8)

Area (9)

Area (10)

Safety Bit:

Start by heading to spot 8 to jump your way across the ice platforms. Grab the potion sitting on the iceberg and then continue further into it. You’ll be staring at this screen:

The Ice Map Puzzle in the Great Glacier

The goal is to jump across landing only on the non-submerged ice chunks without trapping yourself, or you’re going for a swim. Having trouble? Here’s a pathway for you: north, west, south, west, north, east, north, north, north, west, south, east, east, north. Inside the cave is the Safety Bit.

The way back across the small ice platform puzzle is: west, south, east, east, south, west, south, east, south, west. When you return to land off the iceberg make your way north to the next item.

Added Cut Materia:

Apparently this item is only available if you come at it from the right pathway, so to be on the safe side, come for this item after you’ve grabbed the Safety Bit. Head to the tree (Spot 6 on the map) and head east. Continue up the pathways northeast. From there you should end up at spot 5, with the branding off pathways. Continue going northward and then northwest, the second screen you encounter will have the Added Cut materia in it. Look hard; it’s difficult to see.

All Materia:

Head to spot 1, it looks much like the world map, except its in the middle of a snow field. Use markers to make sure you’re heading the right direction as you move forward; the camera will start to move, making it difficult. The direction you want to go is forward from where Cloud starts (if coming in from the east). You should run into a small cave with the All Materia inside.

Alexander Materia:

Go to spot 3 and walk down to the water and touch the hot spring. This seemingly pointless task needs to be done before you continue to go for Alexander Materia. Next, head to spot 1 and go east. You’re looking for this screen:

Screenshot in the Great Glacier

Go in the cave and talk to the person there. A battle will ensue, now that you’ve touched the hot spring, and after defeating “Snow” you’ll get Alexander Materia. Make sure you steal a Circlet from her.

Time to go back and scale the cliff. Don’t feel like waiting for your team to collapse in the snow? Travel to area 1 and go north to find the resting point again. Save before you begin climbing.