Gaea's Cliff (Disc 2)

Gaea’s Cliff is a pretty easy trek up the side of a mountain. At each pit stop take a few seconds to warm yourself up again and you’re good to go. You want to keep your body temperature above 30 degrees if possible.

Climbing Gaea's Cliff with Temperature Guage

Fight and maneuver your way up the cliff. You can’t get lost in this first part.

When you enter the cave head to the doorway in the back, turn left in the next room, and head back through the door on the left hand side into the first room again. Go down, and to your right. At this point there’s a hidden walkway inside the wall. Here are some pictures to help you find it:

Secret Passageway in Gaea's Cliff
Secret Passageway in Gaea's Cliff

The chest inside this hidden enclave contains another Ribbon accessory. Exit the secret enclave and head north to the next chest. It contains a Javelin for Cid. Make your way into the open doorway to the right at the north end of the screen.

Follow this pathway under the ice pathway and to the top of the hill inside the cave. At the top you will notice a small round boulder perched over the edge of the cliff. Walk over to it and give it a push. The rock will begin rolling down the pathway clearing a trail for you. Go back down to the ledge and work your way up the newly cleared pathway. Follow the pathway around and into the next room. This should put you back outside the mountain for more rock climbing.

The next cave starts you off in a large room. There’s a save point at the northern end. Go through the door at the top right side of the screen. It’ll lead you on a long looping pathway around the outside of the mountain.

In the next room there will be a chest on the right hand side containing a Fire Armlet. Make your way from the right side of the screen to the left along the platform, and each time you encounter an icicle you will have to fight it. Each time you defeat one you will be asked if you’d like to jump down – choose no every time and work your way across to the other side.

The chest on the left gives you a Megalixir despite telling you that you get a “Last Elixir”. Walk back to the right side of the platform, near the chest you opened earlier, and you’ll be prompted to jump down to the lower platform. Choose “yes”.

You can now open the chest near the save point. The last icicle cleared the pathway for you. It contains a Speed Source. Save before making your way up the new path laid by the icicles. This time make your way around the left side of the mountain. The chest just in front of you contains the Enhance Sword. It’s a really nice weapon if you have a lot of Materia to equip, but if you are like me and like to use standard attacks, this probably isn’t the best sword for you considering it has a lower attack power than Organics. Follow the pathway to the outside of the mountain and start working your way up the mountain once more.

Save at the save point, there’s a boss in the next hallway that you should do some preparing for.

Boss Battle against Shizo

All of this bosses attacks can be mitigated with some preparation before the battle. All of this bosses attacks are Fire and Ice magic attacks. Here are some of the things you can do to stop these attacks:

- Equip Aurora Armlet (drains Cold attacks)
- Equip Dragon Armlet (drains 1/2 of Fire/Cold attacks)
- Equip Fire Ring or Ice Ring as an accessory
- Equip Elemental Materia attached to Fire and/or Ice Materia on the armor slot.

Almost all of this bosses attacks can be absorbed using these methods. Spread them out among your characters. For the actual fight you will now only have to watch out for his non-elemental attacks.

One last thing to note for this boss is that it is a good idea to steal from Schizo on the right. You can get yourself a nice Protect Ring.

HP: 18,000 (left) + 18,000 (right)
Reward: Dragon Fang

Move forward after the fight and up the cliff to begin the Whirlwind Maze.