Rare Items

Check out the Drakonite Books section for more information on how to obtain the Drakonite Books.

Censor of Repose
What it does: Censor that generates refreshing scent and accelerates recover from fatigue.
How to get it: You can receive the Censer of response on Magnus’s 40th Birthday.

Figurine of Sleipner
What it does: Figurine of Sleipner, the eight-legged horse, that enables holder to travel at great speed. This works wonders at getting to places in record time.
How to get it: You can obtain the Figurine of Sleipnir on Magnus’s 50th Birthday.

Manual of Warfare
What it does: The Manual of Warfare is a manual written by a renowned military officer, that confers more experience gained in combat.
How to get it: You can obtain the Manual of Warefare on Magnus’s 60th Birthday.

Marching Baton
What it does: The Marching Baton was a Baton used to maintain cadence and reduce fatigue when marching.
How to get it: You can obtain the Marching Baton on Magnus’s 30th Birthday.

Medal of Vigor
What it does: The Medal of Vigor is a Medal that strengthens the leadership of a unit and hastens the growth of its leader and soldiers.
How to get it: You can obtain the Medal of Vigor in Gunther Piedmont.

Ansate Cross
What it does: When soldiers evolve, they will evolve to the opposite sex of the unit’s leader.
How to get it: You can obtain an Ansate Cross by heading to the Zenobian Border and going to Karya. Then enter the town and stop the soldiers who are harassing the cleric. Then, she’ll meet up with you in Dem Vidro and reward you with the Ansate Cross.

Dragons Scale
What it does: When you go to Pinneg in Celesis, and you have the Dragon’s Scale, Grozzy Nuy will come out and challenge you. If you win, you will be rewarded with the Sword of Tiamat.
How to get it: In Chapter 3, go to Mylesia, and go to the town of Idorf. A man there will tell you all about it…