Angel Fruit
Wondrous fruit brought to this world by an angel. Restores stamina to all members in a unit.

Revive Stone
Conconction made from a cockatrice tail that cures petrification.

Power Fruit
Indigenous fruit that restores some stamina to all members in a unit.

Heal Leaf
Leaf of a curative herb that restores 100HP to a character.

Heal Pack
Curative herbs that restore 150HP to all members of a unit.

Altar of Resurrection
Ancient altar that resurrects the dead.

Heal Seed
Seed of a curative herb that restores 300HP to a character.

Bracer of Protection
Bracers that raise vitality and enhance wearer’s resistance to physical damage.

Champion Statuette
Statuette, modelled after a famous hero, that raises the owner’s experience level.

Mirror of Soul
Mirror that reflects the inner self and raises the mentality of the user.

Sword Emblem
Emblem that compels the wearer’s spirit and raises his strength.

Crystal of Precision
Green crystal that heightens a character’s concentration and raises dexterity.

Cup of Life
Cup that increases the Hit Points of the one who drinks from it.

Goblet of Destiny
Goblet that changes the destiny of the one who drinks from it.

Stone of Quickness
Magic stone that enhances the physical attribute and raises the agility of the user.

Flag of Unity
lag emblazoned with the battalion’s emblem that bolsters harmony within the unit.

Urn of Chaos
Pandemonium contained in this urn lowers the alignment of the person who drinks from it.

Scroll of Discipline
Lawful scroll that raises the alignment of its reader.

Silver Hourglass
Magical hourglass that slows the passage of time.

Dowsing Rod
Pair of L-shaped sticks that points to the location where items are hidden.

Quit Gate
Items that warps the fabric of space and transports a unit back to headquarters.

Crown of Intellect
Crown that communicates with the soul.