Locations Gaea’s Cliff

Gaea’s Cliff is located on the northern continent. It is an area that you cannot reach from the world map, but instead, you will travel through it during the middle portions of Disc 2.

Entrance to Gaea’s Cliff
Climbing Gaea’s Cliff

The story will take you through Gaea’s Cliff after you have finished traveling through the Great Glacier. You may accidentally drop from exhaustion, in which case you will wake up at the base of Gaea’s Cliff, or you can travel there by heading north in the Great Glacier on your own.

Some of Gaea’s Cliff is made up of an interwoven set up caves, but while you are out on the cliff face itself, you will need to press the Square Button to warm yourself up. When you reach the top of the cliff you will have reached the Whirlwind Maze which is the next part of the story.

There are a number of treasures that you can pick up in Gaea’s Cliff. Make sure you grab them all by referring to the Gaea’s Cliff walkthrough page as there is no way to return to this area after you have completed it. The items you can obtain include:

Fire Armlet
Speed Source
Enhance Sword

The map below shows the location of the Gaea’s Cliff on the World Map:

Gaea’s Cliff Location