Limit Breaks: Cait Sith

Cait Sith only has two Limit Breaks that he can learn. That being said, his “Slots” Limit Break can result in all kinds of different Limit Break effects.

Level 1

How to obtain it:
This is the Limit Break that Cait Sith starts the game with.

Deals damage to a single target. The damage will be equal to “A * B * 100” where A is equal to the sum of the dice rolled and B is equal to the sum of the highest two matching dice.
Cait Sith using Dice
How to obtain it:
Defeat 40 enemies in battle.

The results of the slot machine can result in all kinds of effects. This can range from dealing damage, to healing your party members, to casting “Instant Death” on all targets, to making your party members invincible for a brief period. Because of the random nature of this Limit Break it is not recommended that you use Cait Sith in your party.
Wheel of Fortune

You will also receive the Wheel of Fortune Trophy once you teach Cait Sith his second Level 1 Limit Break, Slots, which is very easy to do. All you have to do is have Cait Sith defeat 40 enemies in battle.

Check out the Learning New Limit Breaks section for more information on how to teach your characters their strongest Limit Breaks.

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