Cait Sith
Main Character

Cait Sith is a cat that rides on a giant stuffed Moogle. He randomly decides to join up with the party when they reach Gold Saucer for the first time and ends up double-crossing the team when they track down the Keystone. He then makes up for this lapse in judgement by sacrificing himself to help the team obtain the Black Materia in the Temple of the Ancients.

Cait Siths first line

Cait Sith stays with the party the whole time after he joins them in Gold Saucer, but his attacks have a huge range of randomness to them. While they can unexpectedly hit for much higher than expected, the reverse is sometimes true, and they end up hitting for much lower than anticipated.

Cait Sith sacrificing himself

Generally speaking, Cait Sith has fairly weak stats overall. He has fairly high Magic and Spirit but the rest of his stats are lower than most of the other characters. It’s hard to recommend using him during your playthrough of the game.

Cait Sith can use the following weapons (Megaphones):

Yellow M-phone
Green M-phone
Blue M-phone
Red M-phone
Crystal M-phone
White M-phone
Black M-phone
Silver M-phone
Trumpet Shell
Gold M-phone
Battle Trumpet
Starlight Phone
HP Shout

Check out the Limit Break section for more information on Cait Sith’s Limit Breaks.