Balfonheim Port

Note that this is the third visit to Balfonheim Port during a playthrough of Final Fantasy XII. There is one visit that follows the events at the Draklor Laboratory, one that follows the events at the Great Crystal and finally this third trip back to the port. Click on any of the links above if you are at the wrong section of the game.

Opening cinematic of Balfonheim Port
Raz discussing what the team will be up to now that they have come back from the Pharos

There are a few cutscenes that take place as the party arrives back at Balfonheim Port. Al Cid will be waiting for the team when they arrive back at Reddas’ manse. They will now have to reach the Sky Fortress Bahamut to attack and finally destroy Lord Vayne Solidor.

As the team exits Reddas’ manse, they will be approached by the team of pirates one more time and Rikken will explain that the Strahl can now fly to the Sky Fortress Bahamut.

Rikken explaining to Vaan how to get to the Sky Fortress Bahamut using the Strahl
The Strahl can now travel to the Bahamut

Important Note: The Sky Fortress Bahamut is the last chapter of the game. There is no turning back once you board the Strahl and fly to the Sky Fortress Bahamut and the game will warn you of this when you select that option.

Before flying there, you should take an opportunity to revisit each of the shops. The shops in Balfonheim Port now have new items which are denoted with an asterisk below:

Ally: any
Ally: party leader
Ally: lowest HP
Ally: strongest weapon
Ally: lowest defense
Ally: lowest magick resist
Ally: HP < 100%
Ally: HP < 90%
Ally: HP < 80%
Ally: HP < 70%
Ally: HP < 60%
Ally: HP < 50%
Ally: HP < 40%
Ally: HP < 30%
Ally: HP < 20%
Ally: HP < 10%
Ally: MP < 100%
Ally: MP < 90%
Ally: MP < 80%
Ally: MP < 70%
Ally: MP < 60%
Ally: MP < 50%
Ally: MP < 40%
Ally: MP < 30%
Ally: MP < 20%
Ally: MP < 10%
Ally: status = KO
Ally: status = Stone
Ally: status = Petrify
Ally: status = Stop
Ally: status = Sleep
Ally: status = Confuse
Ally: status = Doom
Ally: status = Blind
Ally: status = Poison
Ally: status = Silence
Ally: status = Sap
Ally: status = Oil
Ally: status = Reverse
Ally: status = Disable
Ally: status = Immobilize
Ally: status = Slow
Ally: status = Disease
Ally: status = Lure
Ally: status = Protect
Ally: status = Shell
Ally: status = Haste
Ally: status = Bravery
Ally: status = Faith
Ally: status = Reflect
Ally: status = Invisible
Ally: status = Regen
Ally: status = Float
Ally: status = Berserk
Ally: status = Bubble
Ally: status = HP Critical
Ally: item AMT ≥ 10
Foe: any
Foe: targeting leader
Foe: targeting self
Foe: targeting ally
Foe: furthest
Foe: nearest
Foe: highest HP
Foe: lowest HP
Foe: highest max HP
Foe: lowest max HP
Foe: highest MP
Foe: lowest MP
Foe: highest max MP
Foe: lowest max MP
Foe: highest level
Foe: lowest level
Foe: highest strength
Foe: lowest strength
Foe: highest magick power
Foes: lowest magick power
Foe: highest speed
Foe: lowest speed
Foe: highest defense
Foe: highest magick resist
Foe: HP ≥ 10,000
Foe: HP ≥ 5,000
Foe: HP ≥ 3,000
Foe: HP ≥ 2,000
Foe: HP ≥ 1,000
Foe: HP ≥ 500
Foe: HP < 10,000
Foe: HP < 5,000
Foe: HP < 3,000
Foe: HP < 2,000
Foe: HP < 1,000
Foe: HP < 500
Foe: HP = 100%
Foe: HP ≥ 70%
Foe: HP ≥ 50%
Foe: HP ≥ 30%
Foe: status = Petrify
Foe: status = Stop
Foe: status = Sleep
Foe: status = Confuse
Foe: status = Doom
Foe: status = Blind
Foe: status = Poison
Foe: status = Silence
Foe: status = Sap
Foe: status = Oil
Foe: status = Reverse
Foe: status = Disable
Foe: status = Immobilize
Foe: status = Slow
Foe: status = Disease
Foe: status = Protect
Foe: status = Shell
Foe: status = Haste
Foe: status = Bravery
Foe: status = Faith
Foe: status = Reflect
Foe: status = Regen
Foe: status = Berserk
Foe: status = HP Critical
Foe: undead
Foe: flying
Foe: character HP = 100%
Foe: item AMT ≥ 10
Foe: character status = Blind
Foe: character status = Silence
Foe: character status = Bravery
Foe: character status = Faith
Foe: character status = HP Critical
Foe: character MP ≥ 90%
Foe: character MP ≥ 70%
Foe: character MP ≥ 50%
Foe: character MP ≥ 30%
Foe: character MP ≥ 10%
Foe: character MP < 90%
Foe: character MP < 70%
Foe: character MP < 50%
Foe: character MP < 30%
Foe: character MP < 10%
Foe: character HP ≥ 90%
Foe: character HP ≥ 70%
Foe: character HP ≥ 50%
Foe: character HP ≥ 30%
Foe: character HP ≥ 10%
Foe: character HP < 90%
Foe: character HP < 70%
Foe: character HP < 50%
Foe: character HP < 30%
Foe: character HP < 10%
Self: HP < 100%
Self: HP < 90%
Self: HP < 80%
Self: HP < 70%
Self: HP < 60%
Self: HP < 50%
Self: HP < 40%
Self: HP < 30%
Self: HP < 20%
Self: HP < 10%
Self: MP < 100%
Self: MP < 90%
Self: MP < 80%
Self: MP < 70%
Self: MP < 60%
Self: MP < 50%
Self: MP < 40%
Self: MP < 30%
Self: MP < 20%
Self: MP < 10%
Self: status = Petrify
Self: status = Doom
Self: status = Blind
Self: status = Poison
Self: status = Silence
Self: status = Sap
Self: status = Oil
Self: status = Reverse
Self: status = Immobilize
Self: status = Slow
Self: status = Disease
Self: status = Lure
Self: status = Protect
Self: status = Shell
Self: status = Haste
Self: status = Bravery
Self: status = Faith
Self: status = Reflect
Self: status = Invisible
Self: status = Regen
Self: status = Float
Self: status = Bubble
Self: status = HP Critical

Swing by the Whitecap bar in Quayside Court to pick up another Bill that has become available before you leave this area:

- Bill No. 31 for Pylraster (Rank VII)

A few of the shops around Ivalice have been updated as well, including:

- Burrogh (in the entrance to Barheim Passage) sells Ardor
- The Unlucky Merchant in the Dalmasca Estersand (South Bank Village) sells Hastega
- Lohen in the Dalmasca Westersand sells Renew
- The Baknamy Merchant in the Necrohol of Nabudis sells Scathe

Finale or End Game Content?

There are now two different routes that you can take in the game. You can immediately head for the Sky Fortress Bahamut to reach the conclusion of the story and the end of the game. Alternatively, you can take this opportunity to complete the end game content which includes numerous side quests and additional Hunts that progressively more and more difficult.

Clicking the next button below or selecting the Sky Fortress Bahamut link will continue with the story. Selecting the End Game Side Quests and Preparations section will provide an overview of the end game content that is available.