Note that this is the third section of the strategy guide concerning the city of Bhujerba. Refer to the index page to navigate to one of the previous pages. This section of the game pertains to the visit after escaping the Dreadnought Leviathan.

The team arrives back in the Aerodrome of Bhujerba. Penelo will give Balthier his handkerchief back and Ashe and Basch will have a quick conversation in a short cutscene that takes place as soon as you land. Vossler will convince Ashe to allow Basch to continue to protect and escort her as they make their way to Ondore.

Bossler asking Basch and Ashe to travel to Ondore and await his return
Vaan inside the Bhujerba Aerodrome

Use the Save Crystal to save your game and then travel back to Marquis Halim Ondore – the area identified by the red X on the map. Ashe will explain the situation to the Marquis and ask Bhujerba to assist her in stopping Vayne. Ondore explains that Ashe will require proof of her birthright and the team will sneak out of Bhujerba in order to travel to the Tomb of King Raithwall.

Ashe speaking to Marquis Ondore in Bhujerba
Basch asking Ashe if he can come with her

Dalmasca Westersand

The team will land in the Westersand and you can take them straight to the Ogir-Yensa, but this interlude affords you some time to stock up on some new items that have become available and complete a few of the optional side quests (or steps of them) which are accessible. The items mentioned below are optional and you can skip to the next page of the strategy guide if you would prefer not to complete them.

Title Screen for the Dalmasca Westersand
Cinematic as the team enters the Dalmasca Westersand


You could start off by heading back to Rabanastre to pick up some new Magick, Technicks, Weapons and Armor that have become available. A full list of the items is included below with asterisks denoting the newly available items (although some of them have been available in other shops).

First Aid
Ally: any
Ally: party leader
Ally: HP < 80%
Ally: HP < 70%
Ally: HP < 60%
Ally: HP < 50%
Ally: HP < 40%
Ally: HP < 30%
Ally: HP < 20%
Ally: MP < 80%
Ally: MP < 70%
Ally: MP < 60%
Ally: MP < 50%
Ally: MP < 40%
Ally: MP < 30%
Ally: MP < 20%
Ally: status = Sleep
Ally: status = Confuse
Ally: status = HP Critical
Foe: any
Foe: targeting leader
Foe: targeting self
Foe: targeting ally
Foe: HP = 100%
Foe: HP ≥ 70%
Foe: HP ≥ 50%
Foe: HP ≥ 30%
Foe: status = Sleep
Foe: status = Oil
Foe: status = Disable
Foe: status = Immobilize
Foe: status = Reflect
Foe: status = HP Critical
Foe: flying

You may want to purchase some of the Forgotten Grimoires if you have any leftover gil. Check out the Forgotten Grimoires section for more information on which ones to purchase and why you should purchase them.


You can also complete the next part of the Ktjn side quest. Note that you do need to complete each section of this quest in order to get the reward at the end of the quest as you lose the ability to answer Ktjn’s questions later on in the game.

Travel back to the Muthru Bazaar in Rabanastre and speak to Ktjn on the stairs. She will end her brief monologue by saying “I knew my choice would bring hardship, yet…” and you will be given two answers:

- You should’ve thought it through. (+1 point)
- Things will get better. (-1 point)

Choose the first answer, “You should’ve thought it through”, as it will give you the most points.

Vaan answering Ktjn's second question and telling her the she should have thought it through

Make your way back to the Sandsea and read the Notice Board to pick up the bill for the next Hunt. The petitioner for Bill No. 7 for the Wyvern Lord is an Imperial Soldier who can be found in Amal’s Weaponry shop on the upper floor. The Wyvern Lord can be found as you make your way through the Nam-Yensa Sandsea which will be coming up shortly. (Hunt 08: A Scream from the Sky).

Map of Sherral, the petitioner for Hunt 08, Wyvern Lord
Speaking to Sherral in Amal's Weaponry for Hunt 08: Wyvern Lord

The last thing you can do is the Sunstone side quest:

It is now time to travel into the Ogir-Yensa Sandsea on the way to the Tomb of King Raithwall as instructed by Ashe. Make your way back to the Western Divide on the west side of the Dalmasca Westersand.