Walkthrough: The Train

We’re gonna start off assuming you know all the controls. When A direction such as north or south is used refer to the map, otherwise directions like ‘front of the room’ and ‘back of the room’ refer to the actual fronts and backs of the rooms on the screen. This guide does not include details about special item locations and only mentions things necessary (or practically necessary) to complete the game.

After the short intro movie into the game, you start off in one of the passenger cars of the train. Head towards the screen and walk through the door. You’ll get to watch another movie. Continue on down the train until you reach a car that has a few doors in it. The doors along the car have a few useful items in them. Continue all the way to the end of the car. You’ll then see a torn up corpse on the floor. The door at the end of the car is locked. The corpse has the train key that you need to continue. Once you grab it you’ll get to watch another video. And be prepared, at the end of the video you get to face two infected dogs.

Once you have the train key head all the way back to the first car you started in. The other door in that car is the one that’s locked and it’s the one you use the key on.

Once Billy has blocked your exit, head up the stairs and into the next room. After the short video, the leaches will start to attack you. Don’t waste to many bullets on him though. As you may have guessed, Billy is going to end up saving you anyway. After a few seconds Billy will come up the stairs and save you once you’ve been devoured by the leeches. You now have Billy on your team. If you need help with the whole character switching thing, check out our small guide by clicking here.

Head to the back of the room, check through the window and then climb up the ladder. Continue all the way across the train until you get to the hole in the roof. In front of the hole you’ll see some sparking cables. Get Rebecca to reconnect the cables.

Once Rebecca falls into the hole, take a look around the room. The most important thing to find is the next train key. Head to the other side of that room and you’ll find the service lift. You need to call the service lift up and send the train key down it. Next switch to Billy. Take him back across the train and down into the room with the stairs. You’ll find the door that now has a green light above it because Rebecca fixed the power to it. In that room you will find the service lift, which will have the train key in it.

Once Billy has the train key, head out of that room and back into the other car. Go all the way back to where Billy and Rebecca first met. And right near there you will find the locked door that the train key works on. Inside the Conductors Office you will find a few important things. In the cabinet you will find a Briefcase and on the west wall you will find not only a map of the train, but you will also see a flashing red button which you need to press. Once completed climb the stairs.

Head all the way through that room until you find the door at the end. Never mind that noise you heard ; ). On the tray is an Ice Pick (take it) and if you go down the hallway and into the room you’ll find a Hunting Gun, which I suggest you take. Not enough slots? Lose the knife. You can also leave the Briefcase, if you need more room for ammo. Just remember to come back for it. When you head back into the room with the bar you’ll end up fighting a mini boss. Not to hard, just keep shooting until he’s dead. Ditch the Hunting Gun after you’ve beaten that boss. Make sure you have the Panel Opener, which is on the ground behind where you fought that boss and the Briefcase which you may already have unless you needed room for ammo. Now head all the way back to the service lift.

Send the Ice Pick up to Rebecca and have her use it to jimmy open the lock on the door locking her in. Once you get outside that room you’ll notice a flaming zombie. I suggest running right past him (just because you can and wasting ammo on him is … well … a waste of ammo). Meet back up with Billy in the room below. Then, take the Panel Opener and open the panel in that room. You have to use Billy to do it. Then climb through the crawlspace.

Once you get into the room on the other side you can unlock the door, then head through the door on the opposite side of the room. On the way to that door though, you should notice an item flashing on the ground, a Gold Ring. Combine it with the Briefcase and your halfway to getting it open.

Once you go through the door and your riding on the back of the train, split Billy and Rebecca up. Position one of them by the green control panel and one by the red light (which has the hookshot above it). Make sure the person who is going to snatch the Hookshot has two open slots. Make the first player press the green switch, then quickly switch to the other character and grab the Hookshot. Now head to the middle car; it has stairs in it, in case you don’t know which one I’m talking about. Go to the opposite side of the stairs and you’ll see a window, where your to use the Hookshot.

Head down the hole once you get on the roof. In the closet you’ll find the Jewelry Box, which, when examined, while reveal the Silver Ring. Exit the room and run to the stairs. Combine the Silver Ring with the Briefcase and open it up. You’ll get the Blue Keycard. It’s the keycard you use to open the door at the front of the train, where Billy and Rebecca first met. Go there and use it.

Walk to the very front of the train and enter the the control room. After reading through the manual (don’t, you have this guide. Trust me, my instructions are far more clear) you will be prompted to choose which character heads to the back of the train. So your basically deciding which character should go out and face a few more zombies. Since Billy is stronger, the choice should be quite obvious. Read all of the next paragraph before choosing though, as from the moment you choose you will be timed, so you’ll need to know all this first.

Stopping the Train

The first and most important step, make sure, with whatever character you choose, that you pick up the card on the dash of the train before you leave! If explored you would have noticed that the breaks at the end of the train require a magnetic card to work. You must have that card! A lot of people say they always miss that and I almost did too, but you can’t or else you might as well just start over. Second important step, don’t panic, this really isn’t that hard.

The first three zombies you can run past, as long as your quick about it. As for the others make sure you put enough bullets in them before you try to run past. Its far worse getting slowed down by them then it is to waste a few more bullets. You have plenty of bullets.

Once you get to the end of the train, swipe the card and start the puzzle. Now, for this puzzle, I’ve heard tons of rumors about people getting different numbers and wrong codes etc. But all this is is a simple adding game. You will be given a number, such as 00/36 (which is what I got, I’m going to go through this will all the numbers I got). All you have to do is press the right numbers to make it add up to 36. It’s not hard, because you can see what its adding up to as you go and you can have a few tries if need be. Once you complete it though, Rebecca’s is a little harder. All you can see is the last number and you have to do the addition in your head. I got /81 and that’s what most people seem to get. If you don’t get /81 you’ll have to add it up yourself, but if you do, here’s the answer (There are tons of answers, but here’s an easy one):

4 - 5 - 9 - 9 - 9 - 9 - 9 - 9 - 9 - 9

Congratulations, you’ve made it to the Umbrella Research Center.