Walkthrough: The Research Center

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You’ll start off in the basement, where the train crashed. All the items that were once in the train can all be found here, so if you need any of them later just come back to this spot. You can use the map to check what these items are. Click here to see how that works.

Head through the only door in this room and into the sewer. Follow the sewer until you come across a ladder. Climb up it.

Once in here I suggest you take a look around. Get used to the surroundings, check the items out.

The first thing you can and should do to get things rolling is obtain the map of the Umbrella Research Center. Head up the stairs and go into the door at the very back of the room, behind the painting of James Marcus. It’s a big double door entrance. It leads into a room with a bunch of desks, which I’ll from now on refer to as the Conference Room. Once you enter the conference room head to the first door on your right. According to the map its located in the south east portion of the room. Once through there head through the hallway to another double door and enter there. On the desk you will find the map. In this room you will also find Microfilm A which you will need later. Also in this room you will find an elevator, but you need a handle to make it work. Head all the way back to the main hall and go through the door to the West on the second floor. In there you will find the Crank Handle. Watch out, once you pick it up the crows will attack you. Once you’ve obtained the handle head back to the elevator.

Billy must operate the crank, while Rebecca rides the elevator to the top. So send her up. As soon as you get to the top you’ll be attacked by two bugs. In this room, on the south wall, you’ll notice a clock. It’s missing the minute hand. Just remember that this is where the clock hand goes. Head up the stairs and out of the room. You’ll now be on a balcony. Run past the crows before they get a chance to maul you and remember that if you need herbs this is the place to come ;). Go through the only other door on that balcony.

Rebecca will now be in a huge room, with almost nothing in it. The only really important things to note is the door with the knights blocking it and the stairs on the east wall. On that same east wall, near the door where you entered there are also some cranks, which only Billy is strong enough to move. So the only important thing in this room is figuring out how you can get Billy here. Go down the stairs on the east wall and go to the very last door in that hallway. You can unlock that door from this side and that door leads back into the main hall.

So switch to Billy and bring him up to Rebecca, so you can go back into that gigantic room and get Billy to operate the crank there. Billy must now hold the crank, while Rebecca goes into the pit. The pits located on the opposite side of the room as the crank. Head in and pick up the Facility Key.

Congratulations. Now you get to fight a boss as Billy. Just put as many bullets into it as you can.

Now, if you’ll examine the backside of the Facility Key Rebecca picked up you’ll notice it has a Fire emblem on the back. It can be used to open the doors with the Fire Motif on them. Head to the main hall and down the first floor. Then head through the door to the East and find the door in that room with the Fire Motif on it. Open it, go inside and pick up the lighter fluid. Combine it with Billy’s lighter and you’ve got fire.

Go all the way back up to the doors leading to the room where you found the map and continue on down that hallway to the door that has a Fire Motif. Open it ond go inside. First, climb across the table and go flick the switch at the back of the room to turn the lights on. Something will start to flash on the deer mounted on the wall. Just push the desk under the deer and climb up to reach it. Then you receive the Iron Needle, to be used as the Minute Hand.

Go back to the room with the clock in it and jam the Minute hand in. Set the time to 8:15, as is mentioned in the “Notice to all staff” and the clock doors will unlock.

Go back and grab Microfilm A and then head back to the main hall. On the second floor of the main hall, go into the door to the east, which was locked until you set the clock. In that room you will find Microfilm B. Now go back out to the main hall and down to the first floor and go into the door to the west. Go all the way to the back, to the other door that was unlocked when you set the clock and go inside. In this room you will find the Microfilm Projector. Stick both of the microfilms inside and the image of the conference room will show up. Now head up to the conference room.

When you get back to the conference room, go up to the speakers podium and insert the MO Disk that you received from the Microfilm Projector into the computer. The computer will ask you to input a code. The only one I’ve ever seen is 0A, but it doesn’t matter what you get, it’s pretty easy. Each of the desks represents a letter or a number and the microfilms showed you what each desk was. Don’t remember what the microfilm showed? You got to keep the image. Hit Y and select File. Scroll over to File 2 and select Microfilm image (click here to see the image again). There you have it. Split Billy and Rebecca up and have one stand at 0 and one at A (or whatever code your computer asked for). Press 0 first, then quickly switch to the other character and press A. All of the doors with knights blocking them will open.

Start by going through the doors that opened in the conference room. Once in the hallway go through the first doors, double doors, you encounter. Inside you will find a large chess board. Now, despite how much I was hoping, you don’t get to use any of your chess skills to complete this puzzle. There is a miniature board on the desk at the back that shows you what the arrangement of the piece on the big board should look like. Don’t move any of the other pieces besides the King though (the one with the cross on the top), they spout gas if you do. After your done moving the King the small chess board will slide over revealing the Book of Evil. Examine it, open it up and you will receive the Black Wing.

Continue down the hallway and into the last door. In there, on the bed, you’ll find a document and at the end of the document it tells you what mixing specific chemicals does. Also, there is some green chemical in this room. Get Rebecca to add some to her mixing set while your here.

Next go back to the room where you found the map. In that room, near where the Microfilm A was lying you’ll see a picture of a man lighting a candle next to a door. Right beside him is a candle, next to a door. Do what the old man is doing. Light the candle and the door will be opened. Kill the zombies in here, climb up the step, move the bookcase towards the wall and the obtain the Book of Good. Open it and inside you will find the Angel Wings.

Go back to the first floor of the main hall and go through the door on the east wall. Then head to the door to the north and finally from there go down the hallway and into the last room. In there you should find the Black Statue, which you should combine with the Black Wing to create the Statue of Evil.

Next go back to the main hall and onto the second floor. Enter the door that Rebecca unlocked after she went up the elevator and go into the first room in that corridor. Along with the grenade launcher, you should also find the Angel Statue, which you should combine with the Angel Wings to create the Statue of Good.

Now you have both the Statue of Good and the Statue of Evil. Go back to the main hall and on the second floor you should see a mechanical scale, behind the painting of James Marcus. The inscription will read “When good and evil are brought to balance, a new path will be opened before you.” So place both statues on the scale and as you might have guessed, a new path way opens before you.

Head down the newly revealed stairs. Go all the way through the path to the only door that’s open to you. An old wooden door. In this room you can find the map, posted on a wall, but other than that there ain’t much more to this room, so head through the only other door. Once your inside the cell head to the back and take a look at the hole near the roof. Then give Rebecca a boost into the vent.

When Rebecca is in the torture chamber, have her head to the north wall, where there is a power panel on the wall. Take a look at it and adjust it. The document on the ground over by the door ("About the Power Regulator") tells you that you need to get the power to 70 for it to work. Give the puzzle a try, if you can’t get it, here’s the answer: Up - Up - Down - Up - Up.

Major thing to keep in mind! Look at the map! It shows you right here, right now, after the video, where Rebecca is. That’s where you have to go to save her! If you don’t know how to get there here’s a quick set of instructions [Go back down the corridor, back to the main hall, take the door to the East on the bottom floor of the main hall. Go through the door near the back, where the zombie is sitting. Watch out, he’ll get up. Go down the stairs in that hall and passed the steam. Then go through the door and follow the map to Rebecca] Once you save her you can continue on. Save at the type writer if necessary.

After you get outside the room you saved Rebecca in, head through the closest door. Then go down the stairs and into the first door you see. In there you’ll find the Locker Key. Then go back out of this room and continue down the hallway. The next place you get to should have a control/weapons room and a little pit below. Grab all the weapons and such in the control room. Open the locker to get the Duralumin Case. Upon examining the case it will say “You notice the numbers ??? written on the corner” (three numbers will be in place of the ? marks) Then, examine the dial and input the numbers. The case will open to reveal the Handgun Parts. Combine that with your handgun to create the Custom Handgun, which increases aim and accuracy (chance of doing a kill shot).

Once your done, split Rebecca and Billy up. Which ever one you don’t feel like fighting with, leave at the control panel here. The other one, take down the stairs and go into the pit. The pit has a bunch of barred walls, that move when someone at the controls presses the buttons, so have that character press buttons while you maneuver your way through the room. Your looking for a little red button on the wall. When you get to it, press it and you’ll fight two mini bosses. They aren’t actually that hard. Once you’ve finished, collect the Facility Key that was in one of the cages. This is the key that works on the Water Motif doors. Don’t go rushing up to that blue door yet though. You have a few more things to do down here.

Go back up to right outside the room where you saved Rebecca. In this room you’ll see a circle of statues, each one depicting an animal. According to the inscription on the barred door behind the circle you have to “Rekindle the flames of life from the spirits of the weak. So quite simply, the picking order. Pray up to predator. I’ll let you try to figure this one out…need a hint? The first one is the Deer. Another hint? The Wolf, he brings down horned beasts. Okay. Here’s the order: Deer, Wolf, Horse, Lion, Snake, Eagle.

Head through the newly opened door. If you enter the first door on your right you’ll find the Unity Tablet. Remember the big huge room where Billy had to lift up the cage and then Rebecca got held hostage by that boss? In that room there was a double door being blocked by knights that you opened up. All three of the tablets have to go in there. The three tablets are now the items you need to find and you’ve just found one of them. Exit the room and continue on down the hallway.

In the other room you will find nothing useful. Now it’s time to head back up to the room where you found the Angel Statue, to the Water Motif door. Use your newly acquired facility key on it and go in.

The first door in the hallway leads to a video room.

The next door in the hallway leads to a bar. Inside the bar you will find a piano. Play it and only send either Billy or Rebecca into the newly opened room, not both (note, only Billy can play the piano. Try it with Rebecca ;). Inside, at the back of the room, you will find a Battery, which you need to take. Once the door closes behind who ever is in there, have the other character play the piano once more. Head out of the bar and into the next room down the hall.

To be continued…