Files and Documents

This section has a copy of each of the files we’ve found in Resident Evil 0. Click one of the links below to zoom straight to a particular file:

File 1:

Court Order for Transportation
Hookshow Operator’s Manual
Investigation Orders
Notice to Supervisors
Passenger’s Diary
Brake Operation Manual
Note from Conductor
Regulations for Trainees

File 2:

Notice to All Staff
Marcus’ Diary 1
Assistant Director’s Diary
About the Power Regulator
A Verse of Poetry
Inmates List
1st Investigation Unit Notes

Court Order for Transportation 1598A-7635

Prisoner name : Billy Coen
ID Number : D-1036
Former Second Lieutenant.
Marine Corps
Age : 26
Height : 5ft. 9in.
Weight : 163 lbs.
Transfer Destination : Regarthon Base

Convicted of First Degree Murder. Court marshaled and sentenced to death by the 0703 rd Military Tribunal.

Sentence to be carried out upon arrival.

Samual Regan. Commander. Dunell Marine Base

Hookshot Operator’s Manual

This device should only be used when inspecting difficult to access car roofs, or when connecting special trains. Return to its proper location after use.

1) Where to use: There is a ladder outside the small window by the 1st floor section door of the third carriage. Fire device so that it hooks high onto the ladder. 2) Using the Winch to Climb: After securing the hook, use the winch to lift yourself up. - This grappling hook can only lift one person at a time. Be aware that the unit may be damaged if lifting more than 80 Kg.

Investigation Orders

(Stained with blood, some sections are illegible).

8 miles north of Raccoon City. In the Arklay Mountains, lies our comp ny’s Management Training facility. It was shut down _ years ag . Now, w_ are conducting a preliminary _________ tudy into the re-opening of the faci ities.

First Investigation Unit is alre dy on-site __________ and opening the investi ation. I want yo r team to provide suppo t. The following orders _re __ Will _m Bark _ and 1s _l ves gat o _Un t.

…(the rest is torn and unreadable).

Notice to Supervisors

When closing the dining car, supervisors are asked to switch off the automatic doors after ensuring all staff have vacated the car. The main automatic door power switch is located on the roof of the fifth car. Inspections will take place when the train is garaged. After inspections are complete, use the ladder at the rear of the second floor of the dining car.

Umbrella Corp. Maintenance Department

Passenger’s Diary

July 14th
Orders came from the boss today. Looks like were in charge of investigating the remains of the Arklay Mountains laboratory. We’re moving in two groups, with us in the initial group, assigned to start checking what’s left of the abandoned experiment.

July 16th
Unfortunately, the test production of B.O.W. (Type-Y139) had to be suspended because of this investigation. It’s the same with Type-Y139. There’s still so much we don’t know about responses to the crustacean “t" virus. There’s a lot of interesting research left … Depending on the species and nurturing conditions, only minute doses of “t” bring about remarkable changes in solidity, size, multiplication of internal toxins and brain development. If these effects can be controlled, a powerful weapon could be produced. But the sudden development of the shell results in a corresponding fragility. Certain areas became exceedingly weak. Problematically, one of these areas is the carapace. This lab we are going to - were they pursuing the same research? It would certainly help to find data and samples that would help us in out research.

June 19th
The day is finally approaching… I am growing more anxious. The Raccoon City newspapers and TV stations are full of reports about the bizarre murders in the suburbs. It can’t be the virus, can it? If it is… No, I can’t think of that now. I have to concentrate on this investigation and make sure it goes smoothly.

Brake Operation Manual

Using the Brake control. The following three steps are necessary to operate the brakes:

Step 1: Activate the controls.
Brake controls are located in the following locations:
- First car driver’s Compartment.
- Rear deck of the fifth car.
To activate the system, you must insert the magnetic card into the device in the fifth car. This will supply power to both sets of controls.

Step 2: Enter Rear Deck Code.
Enter the code for the rear deck unit to release the lock. After this the Driver’s Compartment code can be input.

Step 3: Enter Driver’s Compartment Code.
Enter the code for the Driver’s Compartment unit to remove the lock.

Upon completion of these three steps the manual breaks will be available for use.

Note from Conductor

The key card for the Driver’s Compartment is in my bag as always. But I need the other guy’s key too to open the damn thing. But, it looks like I’ve lost it somewhere. If it was a normal key someone would be sure to turn it in, but this key is different. I’ll look for it too, but if you happen to find it, please hand it in.

Thanks in advance.

Regulations for Trainees

Training facility Mission
This Training facility will raise a new generation of model employees to serve the future of Umbrella Corp. Applying the strictest and most rigorous training standards, this facility will, without regard for gender, race or creed, produce only the best candidates to be the global future leaders of Umbrella Corporation.
We look forward to the development of your leadership qualities.

Training facility Guidelines
Discipline. Obedience. Unity.
These three words are the basic principles which govern Umbrella Corporation employees and are to be considered the Law of this facility. Keep these words in your mind at all times. Devote yourselves to your training and bring honor to yourselves and your corporation.

James Marcus
Umbrella Cooperation
Management Training Facility

Notice to All Staff

(This document is very old. Much of the writing is illegible).

Regular meetings of Vaccine Research and Infectious Agents teams will be held. Both meetings are Security Level 5. and will be held in the following locations:
1F W Operations Control Room
2F SE Meeting Room

The entry code shall be “8:15”. Thank you.

Marcus’ Diary 1

December 4th
We finally did it… the new virus! We have called it the “Progenitor”. I want to carry it back and start detailed investigations immediately.

March 23rd
Spencer says he’s going to start a company. Well, I don’t care, as long as I can continue my research into “Progenitor”. He can do what he likes…

August 19th
Spencer keeps asking me to be the director of his new Training facility. Maybe it’s because of the business, but he’s becoming intolerably pushy. But, maybe I can turn this to my advantage. I need a special facility to properly explore all this virus’ secrets. A place where no one will get in the way…

November 30th
Damn that Spencer… He came to complain to me again today. He thinks of “Progenitor” as nothing more than a money spinning tool. Fool! But if his influence continues to grow, it can only be bad for my research. If I’m to properly develop “Progenitor”, I must strengthen my own position too.

September 19th
At last… I’ve discovered a way to build a new virus type with “Progenitor” as a base. Mixing it with leech DNA was the breakthrough I needed… I call this new virus “t”, for “tyrant”.

October 23rd
It’s no good! I can’t hope for real progress experimenting on mere rodents. Only humans can be a proper mammalian subject for the experiments. Otherwise, I’ll never make any real progress…

November 15th
Someone seems to suspect something about my experiments… …but perhaps it’s just my imagination. Well, if anyone does get too close, they may find themselves unexpectedly “assisting” in my research!

January 13th
At last, they are ready. My wonderful leeches! Those of low intelligence, they will never have the privilege of tasting this sense of joy and satisfaction! Now, finally, I can move against Spencer. Soon I will control everything…

January 31st
The devices I set to protect my work have been disturbed. It appears someone came looking for “t” and the leeches. Fool. No doubt the work of Spencer’s group.

February 11th
Today, I again found evidence of tampering around the entrance to the labs. If that is what they’re after, I must find a suitable way to deal with them. Perhaps I should have William and Albert smoke out the pests… Those two are the only ones I trust. Apart from my beloved leeches, of course. But Spencer… It wouldn’t end there. Would it? I will announce “t” at the next directors meeting and collect my just rewards…

Assistant Director’s Diary

September 2nd
A useless bunch of trainees , as always. Where does headquarters find these idiots? We did get a couple of decent ones, though, so I can’t complain I guess. William and Albert. They might have a future.

September 25th
Scholar Will. Practical Al. They really are opposites. And they’re always competitive in everything they do. There’s something ruthless and cruel about them.

October 7th
Got a sudden call from the Director. It was to tell me to encourage the rivalry between those two! It’s the first time since this Training facility was built that the Director Marcus has ever actually shown interest in anything other than his research. Well, whatever. Orders are orders. I’m going to have the tearing at each other’s throats.

About the Power Regulator

Due to the recent lightning strike, the power regulator continues to be inoperative. I wouldn’t really matter about the power, except for the fact that the boiler room equipment is on the same grid. The equipment is so run down, I’ll probably have to have it fixed up all the time. If you wish to exit rapidly set the indicator to 70. Check first though that everything is connected to the chain.

A Verse of Poetry

The Moon bows to the Earth
The Earth swears loyalty to the Sun
And the great Law of the Sun Governs all things.
This itself is the keystone.
The pointer to glory
All our hands Cannot open the door to the heaven.

Management Trainee’s Diary

What is it that Director Marcus is researching all the time? And what’s with his weird interest in leeches? Interest…? Seems more like love at times… Rumor has it that there’s something dangerous about those leeches. It is true that when Dennis just touched one he got ill with a fever.

Again today … There were those horrible moans, Beyond that door.“Let sleeping dogs …" No way I’l go near them. Even if the Director tells me, I no want to end up like Dennis.

That poor bastard. Scratching and scratching. Makes me itch jost watching him.

Must maybe go
IF can but hwo

Dennis gone. I go


Microfilm Image

0 1 2 3
4 5 6 7
8 9 A B

An image resulting from overlaying microfilms A and B. Numbers appear on the seats of the conference room.

Correctional Institute Inmates List

Mathews, K.
Deceased, Disposal Complete.
Midge, D.
Deceased, Disposal Complete.
Keith, W.
Preserved as specimen.
Savage, C.
Transported to research facilities.
Royce, M.
Transported to research facilities.
Davids, A.
Preserved as specimen.
Clarke, A.
Transported to research facilities.
Ellens, J.
Transported to research facilities.
Terrence, O.
Deceased. Disposal Complete.
Kait, A.
Transported to Arklay laboratory.
Gerry, O.
Deceased, Disposal Complete.
Scott, S.
Transported to research facilities.
Mitchel, F.
Transported to research facilities.
Kerry, T.
Transported to Arklay laboratory.
Roberts, A.
Transported to research facilities.

(Transported individuals to be deleted from the records).

First Investigation Unit Notes

We are searching the facilities and it looks like a lot of the chemicals survived. Fortunately, the storage tanks are still all full. We have just started and there is still a lot we don’t know, but it appears that the chemicals can be mixed to produce new substances. The chemicals are scattered all about. Not because of the accident, more a result of plan miss management. When we re-open the facilities, we will have developed a system for dealing with chemicals.

(Something is scrawled on the back of the note).

Red + Blue = Sulfuric Acid
Green + Red = Stripping Agent