Walkthrough Room by Room

Room by room guide of the entire game. If you happen to be stuck at some random point in the game be sure to backtrack a few rooms to be sure you didn’t miss something.

- The chandelier has some money in it. Just point your vacuum at it from the second floor and let her rip.
- There are also some coins in the lights above the double-doors on the bottom floor.

- Blow out the candles on the back wall to fight the ghosts in the room

- Both lights on the roof have money in them.
- A gold bar and some money can be sucked out of the vase stands at the back of the room.

Wardrobe Room
- Some ghosts are in the closets.
- A key can be found on the back left wall.

- Money can be sucked out of the desk.
- There’s a piece of cheese behind the desk. Press X, point the “Game Boy Horror" screen at the cheese and press A. A yellow mouse will come running out. Suck him up in the vacuum to get a whopping load of cash. If he gets away just reenter the room.
- When the ghost on the back of the chair yawns, flash your flashlight at him to reveal his heart. Then suck away.
- When lit up, the light on the roof has coins in it.

Master Bedroom
- Open the blinds on the right. When the mistress squeals, flash your flashlight at her and suck away.
- Stand directly underneath the fan, and point your vacuum straight up. Suck until it spins as fast as it can, and shoots out a hefty payload for you. Wish that would happen at my house!

- First, refill your health by opening the dresser to the right of where you enter.
- Suck on the rocking horse to talk to the baby. Check out the Boss Guide section for more information on how to defeat this boss..

Bathroom (1F)
- Key on the shelf to the left.

- Suck the Shy-guy’s mask off and get them with the flashlight and then suck them up.
- To get the couple that comes out after just jump on the spinning platforms and turn your flashlight off. Then wait for them to stop dancing and show their hearts. Then suck ‘ßem up.

Storage Room
- First suck up the ghosts and get the lights back on.
- Then come towards the front wall, that’s right, the one that you can’t see. Press the button on it and watch the hidden end of the room appear.
- Head down tot he other end of the room, and suck the poster off the wall. Then press the button underneath.

Washroom (1F)
- Check the toilet for a key.

Fortune-tellers Room
Hold your flashlight on the crystal ball in the center of the room to make the fortune teller come out. Bring her all the dropped items you find, that belong to Mario. All five. And let her explain each to you. It’s necessary to continue on in the game, later.
- There’s a key on the right post, way up top. Just suck it down.
- Once you have all of Mario’s items, return here to show the fortune teller. She will describe each, and give you some information. After you have shown her each, you can suck her up.

Mirror Room
- Light the candles with your new acquired flame element by sucking some fire up from the torch in the corner and pressing L to release. Just point it up at both candles.

Laundry Room
- Mario’s hat is in the washer.

Butlers Room
- Take some fire and go out in the hallway, and find some floating candles. Light ‘em up, and the butler will lead you back to this room.
- When he sits down, suck him up. Watch out for the mice too. They can be little bastards!

- Begin by playing all the instruments. Walk up to them, and tap A. Then Melody begins to play. (The answers to her quiz are Super Mario World 3 and/or water) Then, suck up her music sheets and go for her next!

Dining Room
- First, light up the candles on the table. Then, watch for the waiters to come in. Then suck them up. Second, when all the waiters are gone, suck up the food off of the big ghosts’ plate. He’ll get really mad and shoot fire balls at you! Just dodge all of his shots, and wait till he gets tired. That’s when you suck him up.

- First hit the ice ghost with a blast of heat from your vacuum. Then flash ‘em with your flashlight, and then suck ‘em up.
- Put out the flaming door with some water that you can suck out of the tap.

Bone Yard
- To the right you’ll find a small bean in the dirt. Water it. Then get the dog to bark. A skeleton guy will come out and tell him to be quite. That’s when you take down the skeleton guy. He’ll leave behind a bone. When the dog goes after the bone, take the opportunity to suck him up.
- You’ll then notice some sparkles by his dog house entrance. Press Y, look at the house, and press A. You’ll be warped to the graveyard.

- Shake the graves and you’ll be confronted by a few skeletons. Just suck them up.
- Bang on the pipe in the bottom right hand side to find a red ruby, excellent.
- Walk to the top grave stone and fight the boss.
- Take the green key in the golden treasure chest.

- Get some water from the big fountain and water all of the smaller plants surrounding the fountain. The ones in those tall plant holders. One gives you a green diamond, one gives you a slab of gold and another gives you a wad of cash. Cool!
- This room can light up, so catch all the ghosts.
- Toad is sitting in the outhouse.
- The birdhouse also contains Mario’s letter.

Bottom of the Well
- Head to the end of the well to see Mario.
- The ghost that comes down the well must be sucked up. He gives you a key, which you need to continue.

Rec. Room
- There is a treadmill at the left side of the room. Run as fast as you can on it, until you get the key hiding in it.
- The chest at the back of the room has some cash you might want to look into picking up.
- Smash one of the punching bags into the ghost using the weights. Then, when he comes after you, do it again, until he shows you his heart.

Washroom (2F)
- Open the toilet to find a fire ghost. Just suck up the near by water and spray him with it. Then flash him with your flashlight, then suck him up.

Tea Room
- After you’ve defeated the ghosts, there’s a switch near the wall closest to you on the right side that makes you walk on the roof. Use it to get to the chest they put on the table. Congratulations, you’ve got the Ice coin.

Nana’s Room
- A ghost carries a hefty load of doe on him, and there’s some money in the dresser too.
- Pull the balls of yarn off the table and suck them up. Then hurl them at the old lady :D. When you hit her not once, not twice, but thrice, you can then suck her up.

Bathroom (2F)
- Open the door on the “hot chick" and freeze her with some ice. Then feel free to suck her up.

Billiards Room
- Wait for the ghost playing billiards to knock the balls off the table. Then suck them up, and shoot them at him. You only have to hit him twice be for he goes all the way around the table. Then suck him up.
- The fan has some money in it. Just get it spinning by manually sucking and walking around the table, then just point the vacuum at the center and watch it whorl itself around.

Projection Room
- Start by turning the projector on.
- Then, watch as ghost start to enter. You can see where they are using the projector, and the mist that surrounds them when they enter. There’s allot of them, so be prepared for a long and hard battle.
- Congratulations, you found Mario’s Glove.

The Twins’ Room
- Money in the desk with the globe.
- There’s a contraption on the roof. Give it a couple whirls like you did the fan.
- The twins want to play hide-and-go-seek. All you have to do is pull out your vacuum and suck the boxes up. The ones with the twins shake.
- Then the twins’ get pissed off for you cheating, and attack you. Just suck them off of their toys and suck them up.
- Congratulations, you found Mario’s shoe.

Astral Hall
- First light all the candles, the kill all the ghosts that come out.

- Look through the telescope.
- Catch one of the falling stars with your vacuum. Then shoot it at the earth.
- Follow the path to get Mario’s Star.

Safari Room
- Try to suck up the deer’ heads on the wall, a ghost will come at you. Spray them with ice, flash them with the flashlight, and then vacuum them up.

- Just head to the center of the balcony and go near the ghosts. You’ve made it to the next boss. Need help defeating him? Check out the Boss Guide section for more information.

- There are multiple switches all over the room that will put you on the roof, and drop you back down again.
- Use you vacuum to suck up the piles of soot.

Telephone Room
- Two ghosts, they are both located in the treasure chests.

Clockwork Room
- Start up all the clocks in the room. They glow, so they’re not hard to find. Two on the back wall and one on a table in front.
- You can now take out the soldiers. Just suck out the winder things in their backs and then suck them up.

- Suck up masks of the shy guys and then suck them up. You need fire element for the next ghosts, and you can pick some up at the fire.
- The chimney on the left has your treasure chest, the one on the right leads to the room of gold!

Sealed Room(Room of Gold)
Just pick up all the gold. Check everything!

- Watch out, when you touch some of the knights armor the weapons may come down on you...
- All of the treasure chests either have gold in them, or a ghost for you to catch.

Ceramics Studio
- Just talk to the red guy in the jar, and then suck up some ice from the ice sculpture. Then freeze him when he pops out of a jar.

Sitting Room
- Take some fire element from the candle and light up the two candles at the back of the room. Watch out! This is one hell of allot of ghosts to take down at one time!
- There are two fire element ghost. There’s water in the left front corner of the room.

Guest Room
- Give the little girl sleeping in this room a little wash job and you are done! You’ve awaken her.
- Once you defeat her, just exit the room and enter it again. It will flip back to the right side up.

Pipe Room
- Kill all the ghosts first of all.
- Suck up some ice element from the left side barrel. Then, blow it out at that little moat full of green water. Once it’s frozen, go over and turn the pipe valve.

Cold Storage
- Grab some fire element from the fire.
- Light the two fires around the ghost.
- When he starts firing ice at you, just keep shooting fire at him. His ice shield will melt, then you can suck him up.

The Artists Studio
- Kill all the ghosts the Artist summons. It’s best if you turn off your flash light, and then sneak up to all three, and then flash them, and then suck them all up at the same time.

Secret Altar
- Gold everywhere. Just don’t start the next part of the game (by walking up to the king until your done) When you are done just walk up to the King ghost.

- Check out the Boss Guide section for information on how to defeat Boo / Bowser.