Locations Mount Corel

Mount Corel is an area that you travel through that lies to the north of North Corel. Mount Corel has its own Mako Reactor which is the subject of some of Barret’s background story.

The Mount Corel Reactor
The Mount Corel Bridge

As mentioned, Mount Corel is an area that you pass through a few times in the game. The first time you visit the area will be after you’ve left Costa del Sol and travel through the mountains. Check out the first Mount Corel walkthrough page for additional details.

The second time you visit this area will be during a flashback sequence though you won’t have to move the characters through the area on your own. This sequence occurs while the team is in the Corel Prison.

The last time the story takes you through Mount Corel will be for a brief visit when Cid and his team head back to North Corel. Their mission is to retrieve a piece of Huge Materia from a speeding train in order to save the town of North Corel. Check out the second Mount Corel walkthrough page for more information.

There are a number of key items that can be picked up in this area including:

Wizard Staff
Star Pendant
W Machine Gun
Turbo Ether
Transform Materia
Phoenix Downs

The map below shows the location for Mount Corel on the World Map. You can access it by going through North Corel or by entering from the north:

Entrance to Mount Corel
Mount Corel Location