Vincent Valentine
Secret Character

Vincent is one of two secret optional characters that you can obtain during your playthrough. Check out the Secret Characters section for more information on how to obtain him:

Vincent is the main protagonist for some of the other Final Fantasy VII related games, including Dirge of Cerberus – Final Fantasy VII. In this game though he plays a fairly limited role. There is no denying though that he is one of the cooler looking characters in the Final Fantasy universe.

Vincent waking from his nightmare

One of his biggest drawbacks, however, if that his Limit Breaks involve him transforming in to various other beasts and creatures. While he is transformed, you lose control of him as a character, and he will use whichever moves he chooses, which reduces some of your options in terms of battle strategy.

Vincent offering to join your party

Vincent’s stats are fairly low, however he is one of the stronger magic users in the game, with his high Magic stat only being lower than Cloud and Aeris. His maximum MP is only behind Aeris as well. All of his weapons are long-ranged though so he can be kept in the back row.

Vincent can use the following weapons (Guns):

Long Barrel R
Silver Rifle
Sniper CR
Supershot ST
Death Penalty

Check out the Limit Break section for more information on Vincent’s Limit Breaks.