Main Character

Red XIII is the nickname that this red cat goes by. His real name is Nanaki and he hails from the town of Cosmo Canyon where his father Seto previously defended the canyon. The team encounters Red XIII in the Shinra Building during the mission to rescue Aeris. One of his eyes is permanently closed due to a scar he received; it is not stated how he received the scar.

Red XIII specimin in the Shinra Building lab

The red cat is with your party throughout the entire game which makes him a half-decent choice for your main party if you want to add him.

Red XIII with his kids in the ending cinematic

Red XIII is a fairly reliable character when he joins your party. His Limit Breaks are not as strong as some of the other party member choices, but his stats are fairly high with regards to physical attacks and magical attacks. He has the highest amount of Speed/Dexterity and better than average Strength, Magic and Spirit.

Red XIII can use the following weapons (Headdress):

Mythril Clip (Initial Weapon)
Diamond Pin
Silver Barrette
Gold Barrette
Adaman Clip
Crystal Comb
Magic Comb
Plus Barrette
Hairpin (Long-Range Weapon)
Seraph Comb
Behemoth Horn
Spring Gun Clip
Limited Moon

Check out the Limit Break section for more information on Red XIII’s Limit Breaks.