Cid Highwind
Main Character

Cid is the last of the “main characters” to join your party. He joins the party when they reach his hometown, Rocket Town, after their visit to Nibelheim. Cid is a forlorn pilot with dreams of taking his rusted-out rocket ship, the Shinra Rocket No. 26, in to outer space.

Cloud first approaching Cid in the Shinra Rocket

Cid stays with the party throughout the entire game, which makes him a reliable addition to your main team, but he does join the team fairly late. That being said, he joins the party with a level equal to your party’s average level plus three, so he should be comparable level-wise to the rest of your team.

Cid during the ending cinematic

Cid’s defensive stats are his highest. His Magic, Spirit and MP stats are all low so he does not make a good magic user or summoner.

Cid can use the following weapons (Spears):

Spear (Initial Weapon)
Slash Lance
Mast Ax
Viper Halberd
Grow Lance
Dragoon Lance
Spirit Lance
Venus Gospel

Check out the Limit Break section for more information on Cid’s Limit Breaks.