Aeris Gainsborough
Main Character

Aeris is also known as Aerith (the Japanese version of her name) is one of the major characters involves in the story of Final Fantasy VII. The game opens to Aeris walking through the streets of Midgar. Unfortunately, with regards to Aeris, little can be said about her without ruining the plot of the game.

Aeris in the Church of the Sector 5 Slums

An important take away though, with regards to selecting the party that you want to use as you main party, is that Aeris will not be with your party for significant portions of the game. There are no concerns with using her while she is with your team, but don’t plan on making her one of your main party members or you may find yourself disappointed with the result.

Aeris cinematic in the Forgotten Capital

Aeris is not a physical character. She has very high Magic and Spirit stats, but her Strength and her HP tend to be fairly low. She starts off in the back row by default and it is advisable to keep her in the back row when possible.

Aeris can use the following weapons (Rods and Staves):

Guard Stick (Initial Weapon)
Mythril Rod
Full Metal Staff
Striking Staff
Prism Staff
Aurora Rod
Wizard Staff
Wizer Staff
Fairy Tale
Princess Guard

Check out the Limit Break section for more information on Aeris’ Limit Breaks.