Jahara - Land of the Garif

Banks of the Sogoht

You have now reached Jahara, the land of the Garif, a race of creatures that worship Magicite that inhabit the area. Start off by using the orange Save Crystal to save your game and then speak to the Moogle from the Cartographer’s Guild next to the Chocobo pens. You can purchase a map the Ozmone Plain for 1,700 gil and a map of Jahara for 30 gil. The map of Jahara is pretty much unnecessary considering how small it is, but for the price of 30 gil it really doesn’t matter all that much.

Entrance to Jahara - Banks of the Sogoht
Purchasing maps from the Cartographer's Guild Moogle along the banks of the Sogoht

Speak to the Garif blocking the bridge when you are ready to proceed. A Garif War-Chief from out in the Ozmone Plain will emerge from behind you and will convince the two Garif guards to let you into the village. There is another short cutscene when you reach the end of the bridge where the War-Chief will introduce himself as Supinelu.

Speaking to the Garif warrior at the entrance to Jahara
Garif War-Chief allowing Vaan entrance into Jahara

Lull of the Land

War-Chief Supinelu explains that you must visit the elders to learn more about the Nethicite. Travel up to the village and around the corner to find three Garif on the right side talking together. Speak to High-Chief Zayalu and he will explain that you must speak to the Great-Chief to learn more. He will give you to give a Jaya Stick to War-Chief Supinelu the next time you see him.

Speaking to High-Chief Zayalu in the Llull of the Land
Speaking to the Garif trader

There is a Garif Trader on the west side of the zone that will sell you all kinds of wares. Just make sure not to accidentally sell the Jaya Stick. You can still continue with the game but will miss out on some rewards that War-Chief Supinelu provides.

Speak to War-Chief Supinelu near the bridge to the west and give him the Jaya Stick. Supinelu will give you the option to either meet the Great-Chief now or come back at a later time. Choose to go meet the Great-Chief now to initiate a short cutscene where Ashe will speak with the War-Chief. Speak to the Great-Chief inside the hut once you reach the Elderknoll.

Vaan and Ashe speaking to War-Chief Supinelu
War-Chief describing the Nethecite during a cinematic in Jahara

The Great-Chief will explain that he, too, does not know how to wield the Nethicite’s power and that only the Dynast-King was able to do so. Larsa will rejoin the group and explain that they should all travel to Mt Bur-Omisace (after a very long cutscene).

Cinematic in Jahara
Fran speaking to Basch about traveling to Mt Bur-Omisace

As you leave the area, War-Chief Supinelu will give you a Bowgun and a Quiver of Onion Bolts for giving him the Jaya Stick. This reward is a Recurve Crossbow and a quicver of Onion Bolts in the Zodiac Age version of the game.

He will also give you access to one free Chocobo ride which you can use by speaking to Gurdy, the Chocobo handler, near the Chocobo Stables. Head back to the Elderknoll though and speak to Low-Chief Sugumu, the petitioner for Hunt 10: The Defense of Ozmone Plain.

Obtaining a Bowgun and a Quiver of Onion Bolts as a gift
Initiating Hunt 10 by speaking to Low-Chief Sugumu

It is time to travel back out into the Ozmone Plain.