Hunt 03: Dalmasca's Desert Bloom
Flowering Cactoid - Rank I

This Hunt becomes immediately available after you have defeated Thextera in Hunt 2: Wolf in the Waste. This fight is very difficult without having Penelo in your party so be sure to travel to the Nomad Village in the Giza Plains after speaking with Old Dalan in Rabanastre to add Penelo to your party.

The Mark for this hunt is the Flowering Cactoid. It has a ton of evasion and can be incredibly difficult to take down if you are caught unprepared. Make sure to level your characters up to approximately level 5 or level 6 and travel to the Nalbina Fortress before engaging in the fight. The Nalbina Sands can be reached from the Dalmasca Estersand (Yardang Labyrinth) location where the Flowering Cactoid can be found.

Dantro in the Dalmasca Estersand (the area where Rogue Tomato was found) in the Outpost.

Speaking to Dantro in the Dalmasca Estersand Outpost to initiate Hunt to find the Flowering Cactoid
Map illustrating where to find Dantro

Mark Location
As mentioned above, the Flowering Cactoid is located in the Yardang Labyrinth of the Dalmasca Estersand. This area is one screen north of the Outpost where Dantro is found. Use the map below to help you pinpoint where to find it.

Hunt Battle: Flowering Cactoid

Level: 4
HP: 755
Steal: Cactus Fruit, Earth Stone, Potion

This fight requires a fair amount of preparation. Make sure that you travel to the Nalbina Fortress and purchase as many of the following as you can afford: Mage Masher (weapon for either Vaan or Penelo), Blind Magick, Protect Magick, Fire Magick and Slow Magick.

Clear the Yardang Labyrinth of as many of the monsters as you can before engaging the Flowering Cactoid as it will run away from your party at some point in the fight in an attempt to get help and to heal itself. Cast Protect on both of your party members, cast Blind and Slow on the Flowering Cactoid and spam Fire Magick as often as possible. Fire Magick is going to be your strongest attack as the Cactoid has a ton of evasion and very few of your regular attacks will hit.

Flowering Cactoid opening cinematic at the Outpost
Battle against the Flowering Cactoid in the Yardang Labyrinth area of the Dalmasca Estersand

The Flowering Cactoid will use an attack called “1000 Needles” once its HP gets low. This move, if it hits, will instantly kill the targeted character. Use a Phoenix Down to bring that character back to life and continue the attack until you burn through all 755 HP.

Pick up the Cactus Flower at the end of the fight and return to Dantro at the Outpost.
Rewards include: 500 gil and ten Potions.

Battle against the Flowering Cactoid in the Yardang Labyrinth area of the Dalmasca Estersand

Note that you can now complete the first portion of the Desert Patient side quest. Speak to Dantro after defeating the Flowering Cactoid.

This concludes Hunt 03.