Returning to Treno
The Card Tournament

Note that this is the second visit to the Dark City Treno. The first visit is on Disc 2 - check out the first Dark City Treno page if this is your first visit to Treno and if you are on Disc 2.

There are two Active Time Events for you to watch in Treno. The first is called “Eiko Talks Life” and the second is called “How He Ended Up Here”. At the end of “How He Ended Up Here”, you will be presented with two options for Vivi - either to “stop by at home” or “stay in Treno”. You will get an extra scene the next time you travel to Quan’s Dwelling if you select “stop by home”. Alternatively, select “stay in Treno” to initiate another Active Time Event called “Hippo’s Prize” which will give you an opportunity to win a Namingway Card.

The party in Doctor’s Tot’s residence in Treno
Vivi choosing to Stop By Home in Treno

Select “Hippo’s Prize” as the next ATE if you had Vivi stay in Treno. Select the “Memories by the Water” ATE and then the “City People” ATE when you’re near the stadium to obtain a Chimera Armlet from the four-armed man who tried to rob Dagger during the first visit to Treno.

Travel to the Knight’s House in order to complete the next Monster Challenge. These challenges are part of the Knight’s House Monster Challenge side quest - check out that section for more information.

Your next battle is against a Catoblepas. Equip Zidane with his newest weapon, Angel Bless, or go and Synthesize on in the Synthesis Shop (the raw materials can be purchased at other item/weapon shops in town). Equip him with the Beast Killer and Jelly abilities to increase your damage and prevent the petrification status effect as well as the Coral Ring accessory. The Coral Ring will cause Catoblepas’ thunder-based abilities to heal Zidane.

Zidane entering the Knight’s House in Treno
Zidane battling against Catoblepas

The reward for successfully defeating Catoblepas is 15,000 gil.

Make sure that you travel back to the Queen’s House in order to trade in your most recent Stellazzios. From the entrance to Treno, travel to the left, down the stairs and north. You should have the following to turn in:

- Libra for an Elixir
- Virgo for 10,000 gil
- Leo for a Black Belt

It’s time to leave Treno and take a quick detour back to the Village of Dali. Travel through the South Gate. Use the map and screenshot below to help you find it.

Walking towards the Village of Dali
World Map - Village of Dali

The Village of Dali

Start off by traveling back into the Item Shop to buy up 99 Wrist items. This will be helpful for completing the Cotton Robe Synthesis Trick - check out the Tips and Tricks section for more information.

Zidane at the entrance to the Village of Dali
Inside the Village of Dali Item Shop

Head over to the Windmill afterwards and take the pathway through to the left side and into the mayor’s house. Choose to “check the room” and you will be prompted with a list of areas you can check: the Desk, Ladder, Heater, Shelf or you can Quit. Check the Desk to pick up a Mini-Brahne. Search the Heater to find the Mayor’s Key. You can select Quit after that.

Examining the Desk, Ladder, Heater and Shelf of the Mayor’s House
Picking up the Mini-Brahne in Village of Dali

Climb up the ladder in the Windmill room up to the second floor to find a treasure chest that contains a Cachusha. There is another treasure chest on the lower side of the room that contains an Elixir. Use the wooden platform near the ladder to reach it.

Climb back down the ladder and use the Mayor’s Key to open the doorway at the back of the room near the Chocobo. This will lead you out to the Chocobo’s Pen. There is a hidden treasure chest on the right side of the screen that contains 30,000 gil. Examine the treasure chest a second time to find something hidden under the treasure box - the Burman Coffee. This is the last of the coffees that you need for the Rare Coffee side quest.

Climbing the ladder in the windmill of Village of Dali
Examining the area around the Chocobo

Exit the Village of Dali and travel over to the Observatory close by. Speak to Morrid near the base of the stairs at the entrance to the observatory to complete the Rare Coffees side quest. Your reward for providing him with the rare coffees is the Mini Prima-Vista item which is shipped to the Tantalus hideout back in Lindblum.

Observatory Mountain
Morrid completing the Rare Coffee side quest

You also have another opportunity to complete the Ragtime Mouse side quest. Ragtime Mouse can be found in the forested areas on the world map. Travel back to Treno to continue the story.


The last thing to do in Treno which is entirely optional is to swing by the Auction House. You can purchase an item called Dark Matter which can be used to teach Dagger how to summon the Odin eidolon. Another key item you can purchase is called the Rat Tail - it can be sold to the “Adventurer” who is hanging around near the Synthesis Shop.

The story continues at the Card Stadium. Speak to the Card Seller to the left of the entrance to the Stadium to register for the tournament. You need to win two games before you can challenge the Champion (the cutie in the sailor’s outfit). Check out the Tetra Master side quest section for more information about the card game. You can save after each match so make sure that you save your game before you challenge the Champion. Successfully defeat her and you will receive the Rebirth Ring as a prize.

Card Tournament outside of the Card Stadium in Treno
Card Game Tournament Final Round

The true Champion is revealed to be Reagent Cid in disguise. After winning the Card Tournament (hopefully), Eiko will come running out to inform Zidane of what’s going on in Alexandria…

Dagger in Alexandria
Bahamut in Alexandria