Dark City Treno
The City of Nobles

The story continues with Dagger and Marcus both ditching Steiner at the entrance to the city.

Dark City Treno from the World Map
Dark City Treno title screen

You can obtain a Power Belt item if you follow the steps below:

1) Watch the “Treno Tradition” Active Time Event before leaving the entrance area and press the Action button as soon as the prompt shows on the screen (the exclamation point). This will reduce the amount of gil stolen from Dagger during this event from 1,000 gil to 500 gil. You do not need to reduce the amount of gil stolen from Dagger in order to proceed with obtaining the Power Belt.

Princess Garnet during the Treno Tradition Active Time Event

2) Travel west to follow Dagger and then initiate the next Active Time Event called “Pursuit”.

Selecting the Pursuit Active Time Event as Steiner

3) Go down the stairs, head north, and go through the door on the left side of the screen. You should see the “Four-Armed Man” walking through the hallway. Speak to him and he will give you a Power Belt after explaining that he spent Dagger’s gil on it.

Catching the Four-armed Man to obtain the Power Belt

Go back to the entrance of Treno and watch the remaining Active Time Events on your way. Face the fountain and choose the option to “Throw in 10 gil”. Do this a total of 13 times and another coin will appear when you throw the last 10 gil in. You will receive the Gemini Stellazzio as a reward. Take the right pathway this time up the stairway - the direction that Marcus went.

Throwing Gil into thewater at the front of Treno
Picking up the Gemini Stellazzio


Descend down the ladder to the lower docks and open the two treasure chests near the Item Shop. One contains a Yeti Card and the other contains 1 gil. You can also pick up any items that you are low on including Potions, Phoenix Downs, Echo Screens, Softs, Antidotes, Eye Drops and Tents. Search behind the Item Shop stall to find the hidden Taurus Stellazzio. Continue north into the next area.

Steiner in the Slums of Treno
Picking up the Taurus Stellazzio in the Slums of Treno

Knight’s House

A Moogle will appear as you descend down the staircase through the tower. Save your game and select the Mognet option to read a letter from Stiltzkin. Continue to the left into the next area. The Weapon Shop is located through the doors on the right. You can purchase a multitude of weapons including:

Make sure that you purchase one Mythril Sword as this is the only weapon in the game capable of teaching the Armor Break ability.

Speaking to Mogrish the Moogle outside the weapon shop in Treno

King’s House

You can find a hidden cache of 2,225 gil on the left side of the Kind’s House near the window. Go back to where you met up with Mogrich the Moogle being chased by the dog and proceed south following the circular pathway around.

Opening the treasure chest outside of the King’s House

Card Stadium

You can play cards here at the card stadium but it should be noted that the card side quest is a fairly pointless and terrible mini-game. Click on the link for more information about Tetra Master. Continue to the left until you reach the next area.

Outside of the Card Stadium in Treno

Queen’s House

You are now back outside the area where you found the “Four-armed Man”. Travel to the north from here to reach the Queen’s House and cash in your Stellazzios. Check out the Stellazzio side quest for more information.

Steiner outside the Queen’s House to turn in your Stellazzio
Stellazzio side quests

You should currently have five Stellazzio coins. Speak to Queen Stella and the coins will net you the following rewards:

1,000 gil
Phoenix Pinion
2,000 gil
Blood Sword
5,000 gil

Exit the Queen’s House and take the pathway down the hallway leading to the Synthesis Shop. You can complete the Cotton Robe Synthesis Trick at this point if you picked up Wrists in Dali and Steepled Hats. Other items that you can Synthesize include:

- Butterfly Sword
- The Ogre
- Desert Boots
- Yellow Scarf
- Glass Buckle
- Germinas Boots
- Cachusha
- Coral Ring
- Gold Choker

The Synthesis Shop in Treno

Stock up on each of the items and then head back to the Weapon Shop with Steiner. You can currently face the monster locked up in the cage below, but before you do, make sure to equip Steiner with the following items:

- Blood Sword (drains HP with every attack)
- Gold Choker (halves wind damage)
- Bird Killer ability (extra damage against the Griffen)

Walk up to the Old Woman at the counter and ask her “What’s that monster down there?” to initiate the fight. The items listed above make it a fairly easy fight - two or three hits max, even at lower levels. The reward for successful completion is a Tonberry Card. You can fight various monsters in the Knight’s House as part of the Monster Challenge side quest. Click on the link for more information.

Speaking to the Old Woman to initiate the Monster Challenge side quest in the Knight’s House in Treno
Steiner battling against the Griffin

Travel back to the Auction House (King’s House) and go inside to find Dagger. Head back towards the Slums and enter the Pub on the left side of the screen to find Marcus on the bottom floor.

Meeting up with Princess Garnet at the Auction House
Meeting with Marcus in the pub of Treno

Ignore Steiner and go all the way down to the docks to meet up with Baku. There are a few short scenes involving Kuja and the team down on the waterfront and then at the back of the Synthesis Shop with Doctor Tot.

Traveling down into the basement
Princess Garnet on the boat

You are pretty much done with the Treno area for now but you can head back to the Treno Auction House to pick up some half decent items. Check out the Treno Auction House side quest section for more information. You can return to Treno with Steiner and Marcus in your party if there is anything listed above that you missed.

Head back to the entrance of Treno and head left. This time, instead of traveling down the stairs, continue following the pathway to the left. Open the treasure chest on the far left side to pick up a free Mythril Dagger and then go through the doorway and up the stairs. There is quite a bit more dialogue when you reach the top of the tower with Doctor Tot. Climb up the ladder and go down the hole to continue to the next area.

The stairway leading up to Doctor Tot
Princess Garnet meeting up with Doctor Tot