Event Help

Strategies for events that people have the most trouble with:

Event #13

To easily complete event mode #13, pick up the egg and jump from one end of the stage to the other, dodging your opponent.

Event #49

Not much can be said to help you with this event. General skill is necessary. I use Falco, and if you choose to use him my Falco Guide can really help you out. What I can do is give some hints for defeating certain characters.

Dr. Mario - All you really need to know is not to attack him. He will come for you, slowly for that matter. Wait for his approach and be ready. When he comes in be ready and send him flying.

Falco - Falco is truly hard. Just don’t plan to win standing in front of him. Flying attacks are a good bet. When you get him off the edge and he uses his Up-B (That Rocket move) plan for it. It will go at a 45 Degree angle (diagonal) So be ready to catch him when he uses it. Also, you can power attack him out of this move if your timing is right.

Pichu - It is important to keep in mind that this is an electric mouse. Standing close to him is gonna get you wasted. Pichu has one of the strongest forward Tap A attacks in the game, he shoots lightning and can even call lighting from the sky, so don’t stand near him or hover over him. Pichu, like most other Pokemon in the game are suckers for items. Plan for that, and catch him off guard when he heads for one.

Young Link - Young Link has an awesome A attack Combo with his sword. Don’t stand in front of him. If he looks like he’s going to attack you your best bet is to slip in behind him by rolling. Then grab away. (With Falco follow up with a Reflector Shield). I’d also like to advise against standing anywhere near the two lower platforms in this level. Bad Idea. With Young Links A attack combo he can easily prevent you from getting back on. PS: Link can’t Jump.

Roy - Your best bet is to out speed Roy. His very limited supply of attacks and very lame B moves make his moves very repetitive. He’ll attack you with his sword. Be the first to attack and don’t charge at him. If he’s running at you make sure you have an escape route. Try to get him to attack and then quickly attack while he’s trying to recover!

Ganondorf - Ganondorf is a Power house. When he does a B attack you can see it coming a mile away, don’t get hit! I can’t stress that enough. Once you start flying it may be a while before you’ll stop. He is rather slow, so don’t be afraid to run and beat him to some really helpful items. Just attack, and don’t stop. Don’t give him the chance to stop you.

Event #51

The characters known to be able to defeat this event are Falco, Fox, Pikachu, Pichu, Kirby and Jigglypuff. Separate strategy for these characters is coming soon.