Mario Strategies

Mario is a well rounded character. Although he has flaws like being unbearably slow and his short jump range, this character played right is unbeatable.

First of all you have to realize that Mario is slow; do not try to run into a brawl with three people in it and expect to come out on top. You will have to learn how to air dodge (which you only should use close to the ground, or in case of extreme emergencies high up, but remember this will leave you wide open for the long fall back down to the ground where you might get harshly beaten) and the very effective roll dodge. If you are fighting a fast character like Fox, Falco, Pikachu, and Zelda the roll dodge is essential for a winning fight. If you don’t, well, you will get your ass whipped up three ways from Sunday (that is if you are fighting anyone good (good is a level 10, which is if you can beat your own character as a computer set at level 9, but if you are cheap it doesn’t count). Remember if you don’t dodge you will not be able to do any of the cool tactics I am about to tell and show you.

1) Dodge Attack: First you have to be on the defensive which means that you don’t attack your opponent, let them attack you. When they come at you from the air using a drill attack or any other move, dodge to there back side and use a smash move. I prefer the Side A Smash attack (Fire Punch) because of its’ power and range, but in a melee with 3 or 4 people you should use the down A smash because it protects your back side as well. If they come from the side you can do two things, the first is the same as when the jump at you, use the same technique and the same moves, but in extreme cases you will have to dodge your opponent many times before you get a chance attack them. The second option is the jump attack, when your opponent is charging you jump once and use either the “A" or back “A” attack on your opponent. This move takes practice but it is important to switch up your techniques or your opponent will catch on or they will learn it and start to beat the crap out of you. When attacking in the air after you jump DO NOT and I mean DO NOT use down “A”, up “A” or forward “A” these move require precise timing and all of them leave you open when you hit the ground, so if you miss you will get pulverized.

2) Offensive Attacks: I find that Mario isn’t a character that should stay around after he attacks. Mario has many powerful attacks, the only problem is trying to figure which attacks and at what point. All I have to say is Mario’s head bunt is a wonderful thing. Whenever you can you should smash attack, it does take longer to execute but it is well worth it. Jumping attacks like forward “A” (in the air) are great if you can time it right, it sends the opponent straight down or if he is already on the ground into the air. The “A” attack in air is quite effective only if you speed your descent" down should not be used at all, it is slow, Ineffective and crappy. The fireballs are great, they interrupt your opponents moves, but you must remember to use them at a far distance. At close range your opponent will jump over the fire ball and kill you because the fireballs execution time is horrible slow. Another great move for the patient player is the over “A" smash attack, it has great range and power, but it takes some time to execute.

Deadly Tactics

1) Mario doesn’t have any combos he can get off easily so you’ll have figure out what else would work. I find that if your opponent is over a hole in any level always take a chance to jump at him and use the forward “A” attack, this will send him flying into the pit for a instant kill.

2) For this next trick you have to be good at the over “A" smash. While your opponent is trying to get back up onto the plat form stand by the edge, while he is close to you use the smash move which should send him flying without any jumps left. Thus an easy kill.

3) The cape move…oh thank god for the cape move. First it took me over 5 months to figure out what this son of a bitch move did. This move reflects energy attacks like a fireball, a super scope fire, laser fire, bombs (it only blows them up but it doesn’t damage you) and lots others. If the enemy is standing back and just firing things at you just reflect one and take a running charge at them.

- Written by Brandon Sweeney