Ship Descriptions

The in-con T65 X-Wing is the fighter that killed the Death Star. An almost perfect balance of speed, maneuverability and defensive shields makes this the fighter of choice for Rogue Squadron, except when the mission profile disallows it. In addition to four blaster canons, the X-Wing can carry a number of Proton Torpedoes. It’s powered by four fusial thrust engines, and requires an onboard astro-mech droid for peak performance.

The Y-Wing is the work horse of the rebel fleet. It’s not quick or flashy but it gets the job done. The armor on this ship is extensive, and the shields will protect you from just about anything, which is good, because you won’t be going anywhere fast. The Y-Wing is used mainly as a bomber because it can carry a heavy payload of missiles, torpedoes and bombs. The other important weapon is the topside ION canon, which rather than destroying a target, can disable it for later capture. Our canons have a computer assisted auto-fire feature, so don’t forget that when your in the heat of battle.

The A-Wing is the fastest fighter we have, capable of matching a TIE interceptor in speed. Twin J77 Event-Horrizon engines power the craft, and twin blaster canons provide offensive weaponry. However, what we gain in speed, we lose in defense. The deflector shield capability is significantly less than the X-Wing. So make sure you use your speed to dodge lasers, rather than relying on shields. The A-Wing also carries a limited number Missiles.

One of the rebellions most well armed star fighters, the B-Wing, has been personally designed by Admiral Akbar. The B-Wing supports an array of weapons including ION canons, Proton Torpedo launchers and laser canons. Because the cockpit is surrounded by a unique giro-stabilization system, the pilot always remains stationary, even as the rest of the ship rotates during flight.

Snow Speeder
The Snow Speeder, modified with armor plating, stronger outboard laser canons and a harpoon towcable for the rear gunner is not a true flight craft, but a repulser craft, so the flight ceiling is quite low. It hugs the ground well and is also quite maneuverable, but the addition of deflector shields was deemed costly and time consuming, so watch yourself. The controls are quite similar to the X-Wing, so don’t worry about additional training.

Millennium Falcon
An illegally modified Coralian engineered YT-1300 Transport, the Millennium Falcon, is one of the most formidable star ships in the galaxy. Owned and piloted by Hans Solo and his wookie partner Chewbacka, the Flacon supports a top of the line imperial deflector shield system, two quad-laser canons, and two concussion missile launchers, along with a retractable light laser canon. The star ship is also equipped with an incredible Class .5 Hyperdrive system.

TIE Fighter
The first in a series of advanced twin ION engine star fighters, the original TIE fighter was developed by Sianard Fleetsystems. The agile single pilot craft has a titanium alloy hull and quadanium steel armored solar panels, but lacks a deflector shield and primary life support systems. The TIE fighter is intended to be used as a short range attack craft, launching from near by Imperial installations. TIE Fighters typically attack in swarms, to overwhelm their opponents.

TIE Advanced
The prototype star fighter used by Darth Vader at the battle of Yavin, and the basis for the frighteningly efficient TIE Interceptor, the TIE advanced X1 is easily recognizable due to its distinctive bent wings. Unlike all other TIE fighters, the prototype is equipped with a deflector shield generator, and a modest hyperdrive system. The TIE Advanced is armed with fixed twin heavy blaster canons, but has no life support systems.

The Landaclash shuttle was designed to swiftly transport Imperial personnel and cargo between star ships and various installations across the galaxy. Sianard Fleetsystems built the shuttles to carry up to twenty passengers in relative safety, protected by standard reinforced hull plating and multiple shield generators. The Landaclash is also armed with several laser canons, and equipped with a hyperdrive for travel between fleets and systems. The star ship was designed for a four person crew, with two additional positions for communications and power regulation.

Naboo Starfighters
The fast agile starfighters used by the Naboo spacefighter core, the N1, is armed with twin laser canons, and a full compliment of proton torpedoes. However, the vehicle is reserved for routine patrols and escorting the Queen’s starship to other worlds. Designed by Naboo engineers, the N1 incorporates many newly components, including a Monarch C4 Hyperdrive. The starfighter also utilizes a standard astro-mech droid to assist with navigation and in-flight repairs.

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