Map of the Subterra

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Map of the Pharos - Subterra

The story does not take you through the Pharos - Subterra. Rather, the Subterra is an optional area that you will need to travel to in order to complete a number of side quest and Hunts. Check out the Pharos - Subterra side quest section for more information on the side quests that you can complete and how to navigate between the three different levels.

Treasure Chests:

Number on Map Chance of Chest Appearing Normal Loot Diamond Armlet
50% 50% 90% 10%
(1) 5% Cameo Belt Cameo Belt Cameo Belt Cameo Belt
(2) 5% Nihopalaoa Nihopalaoa Nihopalaoa Nihopalaoa
(3) 10% Ribbon Ribbon Ribbon Ribbon
(4) 10% Wither Wither Wither Wither

Connected Areas:
- Pharos - First Ascent